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9 Montreal Locations To Take A First Time Visitor During The Holidays

For when people ask you for recommendations, and you suddenly can't think of anything.
9 Montreal Locations To Take A First Time Visitor During The Holidays

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The holidays are coming, and beyond the immediate hurdle of final exams or work deadlines or whatever you need to finish before everyone fucks off for their (religiously neutral) winter holidays, you need to host a first time visitor to Montreal. Maybe's it's your family, here to visit you at university. Maybe it's your long-distance partner, here to spend some precious time with you in the winter. Maybe it's old friends whom you really want to impress, because you feel guilty you never talk much anymore.

There's a specific set of criteria that winter Montreal trips require: it needs to be local, it needs to be impressive, and unless it specifically takes place outside, it requires minimal amounts of outdoor exposure.

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Juliette et Chocolat



a) They have a ton of locations (I recommend the one on St-Denis, next to the Berri-UQAM metro. If your visitor is allergic to the cold. It's less than a five minute walk from the metro station, you'll be right next to dozens of other restaurants, and there's Théâtre St-Denis if you want to watch French movies. )

b) If your parents are coming, artisan chocolate shops are the best things ever to moms.

Photo cred - Grégoire Huret

Bell Centre for a Habs game

Because Bell Centre is the best arena in the NHL, and the Habs are pretty good this season

(the definition of "good" for serious fans is, of course, up for debate. But the Bell Centre is still pretty amazing)

Ogilvy's Christmas display (and the rest of St-Catherine for shopping)

Because it's the most adorable thing ever. And if you're too weak to stay outside on St-Catherine for too long, browse in Centre Eaton instead)

The patisseries in Chinatown

Because it's only a five minute walk from Place d'Armes station, and if you're sick of cheap and delicious pastries, you can check out the bubble tea lounges, or the tea shops, or the souvenir stores, or the stall selling sticky dragon beard candy.

Old Port skating rink

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Montreal Improv

Website/ Facebook

Because improv shows are always different, every time. Tickets at Montreal Improv are under $10 (cheaper than movie tickets!) and they are a fun, unusual way to spend an evening. Check out their Friday Smackdowns, or any of their other shows that run in the evenings from Wednesday to Sunday. Make it a night and have dinner on the Main too.

Au Pied de Cochon

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Because it is the best upscale sugar shack for people who want house-made ketchup, local tomato tarts, and luxurious foie gras on their poutine. Pricey, but after you spent so long shepherding your guests around the city, maybe they'll offer to foot the bill?

(If only).

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