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9 Montreal Restaurants With The Most Charming Hidden Courtyard Terrasses

Like eating in someone's beautiful backyard.
9 Montreal Restaurants With The Most Charming Hidden Courtyard Terrasses

Let me clarify what I mean when I say "charming" terrasse.  I'm not talking about these generic man-made terrasse you can find installed at the front of almost every Montreal resto in the summer.

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Those terrasses are nice if you enjoy dining and drinking in the middle of noisy and dirty traffic and having pedestrians blatantly point at and oggle your food while you're trying to enjoy a nice relaxing evening.

The terrasses I'm referring to are courtyard or back patios that actually came with the building. That's the difference. Basically, you would never know it was part of the restaurant until you took the time to walk in and visit.

The result, feeling like you're eating and drinking in a close friends' lush and private backyard or rooftop. Get there early though, as soon as the weather warms up, these terrasses get packed fast, and stay busy all night long.

9. Jardin De Panos

Where: 521 Avenue Duluth E // Plateau

Why you should go: All decked out with charming heart-shaped chairs, this courtyard terrasse is one of the most beautiful in the Plateau. Feast on amazing Greek food and bring your own wine - rain or shine. The terrasse is covered so you can enjoy eating outside in the summer, even on rainy days.


8. Agrikol

Where: 1844 Amherst St // Village

Why you should go: When you approach Agrikol, it becomes quickly obvious that this place used to be a home, not a commercial space. And with most homes of that size comes a big backyard. That backyard has been converted into a beautiful terrasse for their clients to eat and drink all summer long.


7. Santropol

Where: 3990 St Urbain St // Plateau

Why you should go: Santropol in my books is most definitely a Plateau institution. For as long as I can remember it's been around. They are known for their hearty and healthy sandwiches and salads, and of course - for their stunning and sunny backyard summer terrasse. Lunch heaven.


6. L'Abreuvoir

Where: 403 Ontario St E // Downtown

Via somontreal

Why you should go: This is low-key my favorite summer pre-drinking spot in town. It's just a quick walk away from St-lo, and also sandwiched between downtown and The Village. The courtyard terrasse fills up fast in the summer, with amazing music and insanely cheap drink deals, get there early and hold down the fort all night.


5. Le Pub Saint Elizabeth

Where: 1412 Rue Sainte Élisabeth // Downtown

Why you should go: This courtyard terrasse is one of the most popular in the city because of it's sheer size. The brown brick walls tower over the terrasse and the lush green vines bloom every summer season. Making this spot not only a great place to eat and drink but a beautiful space to experience. At night they hit the lights and switch on dim lanterns, making it a great date spot, too.


4. McKibbins Irish Pub

Where: 1426 Bishop Street // Downtown

Why you should go: Mckibbin's has been around for quite some time. All Concordia students should try this place at least once. The wings are amazing. They also have an intimate and cozy courtyard terrasse tucked-away at the back of the restaurant. Perfect for long warm summer nights conversations over a pint or two.


3. Tokyo Bar

Where: 3709 St Laurent Blvd // Plateau

Why you should go: This terrasse isn't just an outdoor one, it's rooftop. Oh, and it's a double-decker. Tokyo is a long-standing St-Laurent club that is still going strong and hosts some of the most fun day BBQ parties in the summer. Their terrasse is also open at night during warmer months, so you can dance and drink while enjoying the balmy summer air.


2. Grenade

Where: 1603 Ontario St E // Village

Why you should go: This restaurant/bar is truly unique because it's designed to be 90% outdoors. Only a small portion is totally covered and inside. Honestly feels like you're chilling in a warm-weather city like Miami, not Montreal. The best part is the terrasse is designed to accommodate people rain or shine, so you can drink and eat outside no matter what the weather.


1. Terrasse Neligan

Where: 106 Saint-Paul St W // Old Port

@terrassenelembedded via

Why you should go: Overlooking the most beautiful street of the Old Port on one side and the boats docked at the port on the other, this spot is perfect to bring your out-of-town friend or date when you really want to impress. It's one of Montreal's best rooftop terrasses just for the simple fact that the view is priceless.


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