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Arguably the best time in Montreal, summer is a time of relaxation, of fun, of happiness. And of reinventing your wardrobe, of course, ideally for cheap!

It's not always easy to find summer dresses that are both adorable and inexpensive, which is why I've done all the hard the work, so you guys don't have to. All you have to do is buy the clothes, look even more gorgeous than you already do, and pat your wallet with all the satisfaction of someone whose finances are on point.

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1. Kooka

3664 Boul St-Laurent

True talk: My love for Kooka knows no bounds. This boutique is ultra-trendy, and pretty much my go-to whenever I'm looking for something to wear to an outing.

Not only are their clothes seriously beautiful, but they're awesome, too! Somehow, the clothes here always end up fitting just right, and looking even better on you than they did on the hanger. Despite how gorgeous their clothes are, though, Kooka's prices are not insane. Fair warning? You might end up splurging on literally everything in the store, though, so exercise as much control as you possibly can.


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2. LiME

1455 Peel St

Okay, show of hands, who here has ventured into LiME It's honestly one of my favourite boutiques in the city, but whenever I bring it up, people always say that they've been meaning to go and explore their styles - but haven't actually done it yet.

Friends, if you fall into that category, then trust me when I say that you've absolutely got to go inside and browse this shop.

Not only are their prices incredibly fair, but their clothes are highkey beautiful. They sell an arrangement of super contemporary styles, too - so no matter what, you know where you're finding your next favourite summer dress.


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3. Mika

4116 Boul St-Laurent

Straight-up, friends, if you're looking to reinvent your summer wardrobe with beautiful, inexpensive dresses, then this is the place for you.

The clothes at Boutique Mika are incredibly stylish and on trend, and many of their pieces are super versatile. They can go from day to night, and back again, meaning that buying one gorgeous dress at this spot is pretty much the equivalent of buying 2-3 someplace else.

Oh, and if you're wondering whether or not Mika also sells pretty accessories to go along with their awesome summer dresses? Yes, they do. And they're awesome.


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4. Boutique 1861

1861 Rue Ste-Catherine O

This is one of the more popular spots in Montreal, and one step inside will tell you exactly why.

Their ultra-feminine, kind of vintage, super romantic dresses? Yeah, they're pieces of pure, literal beauty. You might feel a little bad wearing these, because garments like the ones at 1861 are way too beautiful to be ruined by the wear and tear of everyday life.

But, oh well. The dresses here are too gorgeous to not see the light of day; and when you couple this with their incredibly fair prices, you know you've got yourself a brand new boutique bae.


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5. La Gaillarde

4019 Rue Notre-Dame O

When I say "affordable and adorable clothes", do the words "saving the planet" also spring to your mind? No? Well, they should.

Especially if your shopping spot is Saint-Henri's La Gaillarde. Not only does La Gaillarde sell some seriously beautiful summer clothes (both new and used) for cheap, but the local designers featured in their boutique are almost all dedicated to keeping things as ethical as possible. So go ahead and splurge. Not only will you be improving your summer look, but you'll also be helping out the planet. Win-win? You know it.


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6. Boutique Onze

3664 Boul St-Laurent

This adorable shop has been around since the 1980s, serving up modern, trendy, and affordable clothes to Montrealers for decades.

Boutique Onze also boasts a good mix of styles. Most of their pieces are super feminine, and they've got a good selection of vintage-inspired things, as well, which means that no matter what your fashion tastes are, they've got your back.

Their dresses are particularly gorgeous, too, and with amazing sales on the regular, it's pretty much a guarantee that Onze will very soon become your new favourite shopping spot.


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7. Belle Et Rebelle

6321 Rue St-Hubert

Fans of shopping local, this one's for you. Belle et Rebelle features gorgeous, quality pieces created by local Quebec designers.

The best part, though? Everything here is inexpensive, especially for the quality that you're getting. Their clothes don't necessarily follow one certain style, either - which is awesome, because it means that no matter what, there's going to be a little something for everyone. (For example, I'm seriously feeling this blue and white Pineapple & Lime dress, so if it sells out, it's because I literally bought out their entire stock.)


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8. Boutique Lustre

4068 Boul St-Laurent

If it's possible to be in love with a boutique, then I am definitely, 100%, straight-up in love with Boutique Lustre.

First of all, every article of clothing is designed and created by a local Montreal woman, meaning that every purchase here supports local talent. Second of all, the clothes here are just pure, legit works of art. From the fabrics, to the cuts, to the unique styling, everything is made to accentuate your natural beauty and to last forever, pretty much.

Their dresses are especially game-changing, friends. Trust, try one on ASAP, and watch your whole entire summer look transform in front of your eyes.


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9. Trop Belle Pour Toi


This online, Quebec-based shop is seriously one of your best bets for cute, affordable summer clothes. Everything they make has a fresh sort of style too, meaning that no matter what you pick, you'll be dressed like a champ - without having to break your wallet.

Although all of their garments are gorgeous, their dresses are the clear star of the show. Colourful and stylish, slipping one of these on will instantly transform you into summer mode. Sidenote: This boho-chique inspired dress? Definitely my next purchase, friends.


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