9 Montreal Things To Do With Your Mom

Spa day, brunch, wine tasting and much more.
9 Montreal Things To Do With Your Mom

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Mother's are pretty great. There's no argument there. They're like your best friend, a guardian angel and a fountain of wisdom all wrapped into one. When it comes to spending time with her (which I'm sure she'll appreciate in and of itself), having something thoughtful planned will make her feel even more special. Luckily, we've got you covered with a list of 9 things you can do with your mom in Montreal that'll make her feel like the luckiest mom in the world.

1. Go wine tasting

If your mom loves a nice glass of wine, or just having a drink in general, then wine tasting is the perfect activity for the two of you. The SAQ has different courses that you can take to learn all about tasting wines, but for something a bit more fun and extravagant, you can make a whole day out of it with Kava Tours. They have a tour that leaves from Montreal and takes you to three different wineries in Quebec where you’ll get to sample wine and apple cider, learn how to make ice wine cocktails, and have a workshop on frozen grape pressing. She'll not only love the activities, but also getting to spend the day with you.

2. Check out the botanical gardens

As Montrealers we’re extremely lucky to have the beautiful 185 acre botanical gardens right in our backyard. It’s a great place to go at any time, but it’s also the perfect place to visit with your mom. You two can check out the butterfly green house, take a guided tour of the gardens, or bring a picnic and have lunch surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery. But if eating on the ground isn’t your thing, they also have a cafe on site that has a patio with full bar service.

3. Catch up at a café

Take some time to grab lunch, or even just a cup of coffee, with your mom at one of Montreal’s hundreds of cafes. Café Sardine is one place that’s great for this. Their coffee is amazing and the doughnuts are even better, so make sure you treat yourselves to something sweet.

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4. Walk it out

Something as simple as going for a walk with your mom will show her how much you value spending time with her. It’ll give you a chance to chat and bond, while staying healthy and active - so really it’s a win-win. If you want to take in some Montreal sights during your walk, you can try a self-guided walking tour of Old Montreal. But for something a bit more rigorous and nature-y, you can climb up Mount Royal and take in the view from the top.

5. Grab a drink

If your mom enjoys a good drink, then consider taking her to a nice cocktail lounge. For something on the more lavish side of things, you can try the Ritz’s Dom Pérignon Bar. Don't let the name deceive you, they have a fully stocked bar, so it’s not all just champagne.

6. Go jewelry shopping

There’s nothing a girl loves more than a beautiful, new piece of jewelry, and that’s something that never changes with age. So, the next time you see your mom, why not treat her (and maybe also yourself) to something new and shiny. Even if neither of you find something you like, spending time together looking at all the different stores can be just as fun.

7. Take an art class

Remind yourselves of the arts and crafts your mom helped you with as a little kid by doing something artsy in Montreal. For a one time thing, you can try ceramics painting at Ceramic Café Studio, or if you’re more committed, you can check out the courses and workshops offered by the Museum of Fine Arts.

8. Spend the day at the spa

Everyone knows that mothers have one of the hardest jobs in the world - they’re on call 24/7 -which means that they deserve some time to relax more than anyone. Treat your mom to a day at any one of the amazing spas in the city and she’ll be forever grateful.

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9. Take her for a fabulous brunch

If there’s one thing I know to be true about moms, it’s that they love brunch. But then again, who doesn’t? So why not take you and your mom for a delectable meal at one of Montreal’s best brunch spots. She’ll absolutely love you for it.

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