9 UFO Sightings In Montreal That Can Never Be Explained

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9 UFO Sightings In Montreal That Can Never Be Explained

More often than you might think, UFOs have been spotted in the skies of Montreal. Our city is apparently one of the most active metropolises in Canada when it comes to strange sightings, with 287 reported from 1989 to 2013, according to the Canadian UFO Report, which is a real thing as I learned today.

Now before you start crying "aliens aren't real!", note that "UFO" doesn't mean aliens, as the term is used to refer to "unidentified flying objects."

The whole "unidentified" aspect lends some room for interpretation, which means that all UFO sightings could be aliens, but not all aliens are UFOs. Not that I'm saying aliens exist, of course, because that would be silly.

Maybe not though, given the existence of these stories. From the 1970s onward, I bring to you some of the strangest and most well-known UFO sightings to ever occur in Montreal, almost all of which can simply not be explained.

Photo cred - Info-Ovni via JdeM

The Little Italy Rooftop Sighting of 1977

When 58-year old Florida Malbouef was kept awake until the wee hours of the morn on January 6th, 1977, she didn't expect to see (what she claimed to be) a UFO.

Kept awake 'til 1:30am due to a bronchial condition, Ms. Malbouef, who lived at 6420 Casgrain in Little Italy, witnessed what she described as a 15-foot-in-diameter "large oyster" that was drifting in the sky, approaching her home.

According to Malbouef, the floating disc landed on a rooftop of a building only 60 feet away. Things only got stranger, as Malbouef went on to describe two thin, six-foot individuals robed in tight white uniforms that exited the "ship," only to stare into the dark sky, then return to their mysterious vehicle.

Malbouef's tale is definitely fantastical, and given the fact that there were no other witnesses, it can't be corroborated. Still, the Journal de Montreal saw enough of a story to report on the event, and Malbouef's experience is still regarded as the first major UFO sighting in the city of Montreal.

The UFO Squadron Sighting Of 1973

When a professional academic reports a UFO sighting, you need to take it a bit more seriously than some random citizen. And Marc Leduc, a physics teacher at École PolyvalenteÉdouard-Montpetit in the 1970s, along with a member of the investigative team UFO Quebec, didn't just see a single UFO, but an entire fleet.

Recounting his story to the Gazette in 1978, Leduc, on the eve of August 10th, 1973, received an array of calls from individuals in St. Bruno reporting a UFO sighting.

Leduc decided to investigate, and witnessed a "squadron of UFOs flash across the sky from south to north." In an effort to prove the veracity of his sighting, Leduc commented that the UFOs moved as quickly as a shooting star, but lasted far too long in the sky to be one, or a meteor.

Steadfast in his opinion, even though he discredits many other UFO sighting, Leduc firmly stated "I know they were UFOs."

The Lake Baskatong Sighting of 1978

UFO expert Marc Leduc (see above) predicted 1978 to be a "busy year" for UFO sightings in Quebec, and he wasn't wrong, as this sighting demonstrates.

Two citizens of Île-Perrot went camping at La Vérendrye park on Saturday, March 11th, 1978, specifically by Lake Baskatong. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the pair suddenly saw an object "hurtle out of the sky" which sent them in a fit of fear fleeing the scene.

Once the duo recovered their wits, they returned to the lake, only to see what they said was a UFO "hovering silently over the water" for about 30 seconds.

Despite capturing a photo of the alleged UFO, the Île-Perrot pair couldn't convince officials, since the clarity of the image was quite poor.

The Town of Mount Royal Sighting of 1985

Apparently UFOs have a thing for middle-aged Montreal women, as another, who solely went by the name of Mildred in the original Gazette article, spotted another extraterrestrial-like object in the sky on April 17th, 1985.

At about 1am, Mildred and her husband were sleeping, only to be awoken by a sound "like hundreds of firecrackers" being set off above her house. Mildred and her man went to her bedroom window that faces Jarry Park, only to see a "fiery red ball low in the sky moving...deliberately northeast."

In Mildred's account, the object had a very bright "beehive effect" that "lit up the sky for an hour and a half." Intense noise was also reported, described "like gunshots or firecrackers" accompanied by "static, static from hundreds of radios."

Mildred wasn't alone in her sighting, as the air traffic control centre at the Dorval airport reported that two other individuals called in between 11pm and 1am, both concerned about a red and white oval-like object.

Even though Mildred's story is somewhat backed up by other reported sightings, none described the exact same object as she saw. Plus, Mildred's husband was concerned so little that he actually went back to sleep, which doesn't seem like the proper response when you see a huge floating red orb in the sky. Still, something was seen, we don't know what.


The Place Bonaventure Incident of 1990

Easily the most famous and well-known UFO sighting in Montreal history, the event now known as the Place Bonaventure Incident is quite different from other like circumstances mostly because of the large number of reputable individuals who confirmed some form of object was seen in the sky, from reporters, to police officers, to RCMP officials.

The Place Bonaventure Incident began on the evening of November 7th, 1990, at 7:20pm, when a woman swimming in the rooftop pool of the downtown hotel saw a large, light-emitting object in the sky.

A chain reaction of sorts began when the woman reported the sighting to a nearby lifeguard, who then told a security guard, who then got in touch with a La Presse newspaper reporter and the police. From there, the RCMP, military, Dorval and Mirabel airport officials, and even NASA were contacted, none of whom could explain the unidentified flying object.

In a feature conducted by CBC, the police officer on the scene of the event described seeing a gigantic metallic round object that projected beams of light into the sky. The same was seen by all onlookers, with the sighting lasting nearly three hours, from 7:20pm to 10:10pm.

Skeptics have cited the sighting to merely be the Northern Lights, a mundane theory discredited by the fact that Montreal's light pollution would make seeing the aurora borealis next to impossible.

Montreal-based UFO researcher Bernard Guénette and ex-NASA scientist Dr. Richard Haines wrote a report on The Place Bonaventure Incident, and while they couldn't confirm the origin of the object, they did conclude "the existence of a highly unusual, hovering, silent large object is indisputable."

The Côte St. Luc Sighting of 2010

When Dr. Cleve Ziegler was driving home in Côte St. Luc on Wednesday, September 30th, 2010, he couldn't help but notice a strange object in the night sky.

Getting out of his car at around 12:30am, Ziegler reported seeing "many little sparkly red and blue lights" on some sort of object that "had a changing shape, morphing from something that looked triangular to something that looked like a trapezoid," as he told CBC.

After calling the police, Ziegler learned many other Côte St. Luc residents reported the same sighting, with most believing the mysterious airborne object to be some sort of UFO.

A director at the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada didn't have much of an explanation for the sighting, saying it "definitely...is not something astronomical" but could only offer "a sort of balloon," a "strobe light" or "a powerful laser" as possible origins. Definitely not the most compelling (or even believable) of theories for such a sighting.


The Daytime Over Montreal Sighting of 2012

On June 6th, 2012, a Montrealer reported to have been simply chilling out on his back balcony saw a strange red object floating in the sky. According to the eye witness, Scott Waring, the flying object was 2000-3000 feet in the sky and continuously flew north and then back south for about 40 minutes.

Lacking any news coverage or other witnesses, it's hard to confirm even the slightest possibility of this UFO sighting, even though a video was captured of the event. As we all know, such videos could easily be edited, though you can still take a look above for yourself.

The Strange Lights In The Sky Sighting of 2013

At about 11:35pm on August 5th, 2013, a lone Montrealer reported seeing three orange lights from their bedroom window, which hovered left to right in what was described as a "weird manner."

A short time later, a fourth orange orb appeared, this one as large as a light found on a helicopter. No noise was emanated from these dancing lights, all of which gradually disappeared from the night sky.

Given that this is an anonymous posting on the Paranormal Studies & Investigations Canada, aka PSICAN (yes, it's a thing), there's little evidence to prove anything was seen on the night of this alleged UFO sighting. Nevertheless, the witness described the event as "the coolest experience of my life" so at least they had some fun.


The TVA Live Report "Glowing Orb" 2014

Here's a UFO sighting that is still in the city's recent memory: the mysterious glowing green orb captured on a live TVA broadcast.

Filmed on the eve of October 2nd, the flying green ball can be seen directly behind Colette Provencher’s head, descending from the right to the left, glowing green, then orange, then disappearing altogether. You can check it out for yourself in the video above, or see our play-by-play from last year here.

The sighting wasn't limited to Montreal, either, as individuals in Ontario, Connecticut, New Jersey, and other areas also reported seeing the strange glowing orb.

Experts have stated that the ball of light could not be a meteor, as they tend to light up the entire light sky when they pass through, which didn't occur during this sighting. An official confirmation of what the green orb was has never been concluded, so there's no reason to say it wasn't a UFO.

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