9 Mouthwatering Desserts You Can Get In Montreal You'd Never Guess Are Gluten-Free

Eat sweets without feeling guilty to your heart's content.
9 Mouthwatering Desserts You Can Get In Montreal You'd Never Guess Are Gluten-Free

Real talk, if you're intolerant to gluten, it might be kind of hard to find legit desserts. A good sweet is hard to find, even if you're not excluding gluten, so adding an extra complication to the matter just seems unfair.

Unless you live in Montreal, that is. We've got a bunch of seriously tasty desserts, all of which happen to be totally free of gluten, and totally available right in the city.

1. Patisserie Petit Lapin's Cupcakes

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342 Avenue Victoria

Cupcake fans, rejoice. Actually, fans of all baked delights, rejoice, because Petit Lapin has some seriously awesome vegan, gluten-free pastries. Their cupcakes are a real treat, super moist and creamy, but you can also get donuts, cakes, macarons, and much, much more.


2. Cookie Stefanie's Ice Cream Sandwich

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272 Rue Saint-Jacques

Cookie Stefanie, located in Old Montreal, is pretty much a haven for people who cannot consume gluten. They've got cupcakes, grilled cheese, cookies, and yes, even ice cream sandwiches, with dollops of cold and creamy ice cream layered between two tasty, gluten-free cookies.


3. Sophie Sucrée's Caramel & Hazelnut Cheesecake

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167 Ave des Pins E

Although Sophie Sucrée isn't completely gluten-free, this vegan bakery does have an incredibly solid gluten-free selection. One of their tastiest gluten-free options? Their caramel and hazelnut "cheesecake", creamy, sweet, and oh-so delightful.


4. Le Marquis' Pastries

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367 Rue de Castelnau E

Yes, friends. All of the pastries. Le Marquis speclaizes in creating gluten-free morsels of pure happiness, like mille-feuilles, eclairs, and cakes, meaning that no matter what, you know that a trip to Le Marquis is a guaranteed amazing time.


5. Louise Sans Gluten's Rocky Road Brownie

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475 Avenue Dumont

Situated in Dorval, Louise Sans Gluten is a gluten-free bakery that also doubles as a grocery store. As a result, they've always got some seriously fresh and tasty goods a baking, such as their beyond amazing, gluten-free rocky road brownies.


6. Crêperie Du Marché's Sweet Crepes

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7138 Avenue Henri-Julien

Crêperie Du Marché specializes in serving up buckwheat crepes - meaning all their crepes also happen to contain no gluten. So you can eat as many banana Nutella/fresh fruit whip cream crepes as you want, and you can do so without even worrying a little bit.


7. L'Artisan's Danishes

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7700 Rue St-Hubert

This adorable Villeray bakery specializes in creating baked goods without any gluten or dairy, so if you're gluten intolerant, or lactose intolerant, this place is your brand new bae. Check out their danishes - especially their pear and raspberry - for an especially sweet experience.


8. Lola Rosa Milton's Pineapple & Raspberry Cheesecake

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545 Rue Milton

This vegetarian Plateau restaurant seriously has all the fixings of one awesome eatery. Fresh and tasty food, a warm and welcoming ambiance, and all the gluten-free desserts your heart could possibly desire. My personal fave is their pineapple raspberry cheesecake, but they've got some seriously unique offerings, too, like their ginger creme brulee.


9. Le Point G's Macarons

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1266 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Some macarons are made with gluten, which can put a serious damper on the world's greatest cookie. But at Le Point G, which also serves up some seriously tasty gluten-free meals, this is not the case. All of their macarons are made without gluten, and have a crisp and tasty exterior, with a creamy, sweet, and flavorful filling.


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