9 Original Montreal Date Ideas That Don't Involve Drinking

Because 'drinks' is getting old.
9 Original Montreal Date Ideas That Don't Involve Drinking

I don't know about you but I'm getting a little tired of the whole "drinks?" date formula. It's a little too predictable.  We both know how this is going to go down.  And as much as I love to eat, dinner dates can get a little stale after some time. All puns intended.

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That said, whether you're on date #1 or #100  thinking outside the box in terms of date ideas is always a good thing. Participating in a unique activity that neither of you has tried can spark life back into a LTR that has hit a plateau, and equally can demonstrate to someone that you actually put in some effort into planning something special and different.

Because in relationships effort is everything. So - here are some original date ideas that are easy to find around the island of Montreal and the GMA. All are reasonably priced and most are open all year long.

9. Take Bae to iSaute and channel your inner gymnasts

Why you should go: iSaute is a massive trampoline park with several locations across the GMA. Of course, there will be kids there. But all ages are welcome! This is a super fun and unique date idea that also counts as exercise. Win/win.


8. Get your heart rate pumping and visit a real shooting range at Club de Tir de Ville Saint-Pierre

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Why you should go: This place is the real deal. You will have to do a background check before booking your appointment, and it's not cheap, but you can shoot real gun here - under professional supervision, of course.


7. Take a long drive scenic to the edge of the island

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Why you should go: Considering that we live on an island, a nice date idea that is often under appreciated is just to take a nice long drive out to the water. There are a couple spots around the island that are well known for their beautiful waterfront views and sunsets. I write about Saint-Anne-De-Bellevue being one of them, but there are so many more.


6. Take your date to indoor mini putt at Putting Edge

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Why you should go: Playing a competitive game on a date is a great test of character, can they lose gracefully. Also, it's just really fun. This spot is located right downtown, so if you want to do the whole drinks and dinner thing, you can do that after a game.


5. Do something wild and take your date axe throwing

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Why you should go: Rage Montreal is an indoor axe throwing range with 11 lanes and several axe types to choose from. It might sound hard, but the people of Rage Montreal assure us that even a 13-year-old can throw an axe. Is there any better way to impress someone than throwing a sharp object at a wall?


4. Unleash your competitive spirit and go karting at Action 500

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Why you should go: Action 500 has both the largest and the only 100% paved indoor go-kart track in all of Canada! Not only do they have karting but also paintball and lazer tag at their Montreal and Laval locations. There's a Dorval location opening this summer too!


3. Build your couple team spirit by solving a giant puzzle together at SOS Laberythn in the Old Port

Why you should go: SOS Labyrinth is a unique experience that kind of makes you feel like a mouse in a giant maze but in the best possible way. It takes about 90 minutes to complete the maze and there are multiple checkpoints along the way. Kind of like you is in a real-life video game. It's located in the old port so it's always a great way to compliment a date in the area.


2. Get your adrenaline pumping and check out MTL Zip Line

Why you should go: Maybe you want to conquer your fear of heights, or maybe you're just looking for something different to do. MTL Zip Line is opening up again soon for the warm-weather season. This is also in the Old Port so it's a great way to kick-off an Old Montreal summer evening date.


1. Treat your date to a romantic ferry ride

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Why you should go: The Oka-Hudson traverse is a Ferry that takes you across the river and you don't even need to get out of your car. The ferry runs all day long back and forth and leaves every 15 minutes. It's a great way to compliment a long Sunday drive. Check it out at sunset for an extra special date.


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