9 Places To Get Drunk On McGill Campus You Never Knew Existed

Photo Cred - Detention Den

McGill is known for being a pretty hard school, but what it’s also known for is being an even harder party school, which might explain why they have so many places selling alcohol on campus.

So, if you’re looking for a new place to grab a drink immediately after class, we’re here to help because school shouldn't just be for studying.

1. OAP

Rightly named the best place on Earth, McGill’s Open Air pub takes over the Three Bares field for the first week of school. They have cold drinks, hot food, and live bands, and it's a completely acceptable excuse for skipping your first days of class. If you go too late in the day, you may have to wait in line for half an hour, but it’s totally worth it.

2. Bronfman Basement

Almost every Thursday the Faculty of Management has $1 beers in Bronfman Basement for a 4 à 7, because management kids need somewhere to unwind before their 3 day weekend too.

3. Detention Den 

Every other Thursday the Faculty of Education has a 4 à 7 in the basement of the Education building. You can get $2 beers, fresh pop corn, and grilled cheese. And make sure you bring your own cup or else you’ll have to buy one there.

Photo Cred - Blues Pub

4. Bar Des Arts

Put on by the Arts Undergraduate Society, BDA turns the Arts common room in the basement of Leacock into a bar every Thursday from 5-8. Drinks and grilled cheese are both $1. Every week has a different theme and be sure to bust out your old frosh mug, because this is a bring your own cup event.

5. Blues Pub

The Faculty of Engineering runs Blues Pub every Friday from 4-9 in the EUS Common Room, in the basement of McConell. They have tons of drinks and you can either pay $1 for disposable cups, $2 for rental cups.

6. Ceilidh Pub 

The majority of McGill students very rarely venture out to MacDonald campus, but Ceilidh Pub might just give you a reason to. It’s located in the Centennial Centre and according to their website it’s the place to be on Thursday nights, so it may just be worth the trip.

7. Molson Stadium

For most people, there’s no better combination than sports and beer, so McGill’s Molson stadium is the perfect place to grab a drink while watching a game from the bleachers.

8. Thomson House

Run by the post-graduate student society, Thomson House is like a classier version of Gerts. With a full bar menu and tons of pub food, Thomson house is a definite must if you don’t feel like schlepping it with the undergrads.

Photo Cred - McGill Envr

9. Wine & Cheese Mixers 

If there’s one thing McGill loves, it’s a good wine and cheese. Almost every faculty has at least one per year, and you don’t even have to actually be in that faculty to go. In the good old days these were free, but now tickets go for about $5, and it’s unlimited wine and cheese until they run out.