9 Places To Take Your Parents When They Visit You In Montreal

Make them love this city as much as they love you.
9 Places To Take Your Parents When They Visit You In Montreal

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For a significant portion of Montrealers, their family isn't originally from the 514 region. When your parents do come to town, it can a panic-ridden time of trying to decide exactly where to take them so that they can have the best possible experience of Montreal, while simultaneously giving off the right impression of how your life in the big city is going.

Whatever the situation may be, we've got you covered with suggestions of where to take good old mom and dad...

If you want them to think you’re cultured

Maybe you want to give off an air of “I have my shit together and am really sophisticated” even if that’s the farthest thing from the truth. In that case, consider taking them to the Museum of Fine Arts, or go on a walking tour of Old Montreal. If you're really desperate, you can google a few facts beforehand and pretend you already knew them, so they’ll be even more impressed.

If they’re into sports

If your parents are sports fanatics, you’re in luck because Montreal is home to some of Canada’s best teams. At pretty much any point in the year, you’ll be able to find either the Habs or Alouettes playing home games, so grab some tickets and head on over to the stadium for a fun sport-filled night. And if they’re more into a historical side of athletics, consider going over to the Olympic Park to check out the 1976 Olympic stadium.

If you want them to think you’re broke

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little sympathy money from mom and dad. If you want them to see how broke you really are, consider taking them to one of Montreal’s extremely cheap eats, like two chow. And trust us, spare no emphasis when telling them how often you eat there.

If you want to get a really good meal

Your parents visiting usually signals one very important thing: good food. Take them to an amazing and maybe kind of expensive restaurant, like Maison Boulud, that you probably wouldn’t go to on the reg. This is best done if you know that they’re willing to pick up the tab at the end.

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If you want to give them the MTL experience

Montreal is probably best known for two things: Poutine and smoked meat. Make sure you hit up La Banquise and Schwatz’s (or any variation of these establishments) so that they can leave feeling like they’ve had the true Montreal experience.

If you want to show them a good time

If your parents super hip and down to go out for a drink, or two, or four, then be sure to take them somewhere fun and distinctly Montreal, like Distillerie. The mason jar drinks are iconic and delicious, and your parents will be sure to rave about it for weeks.

If they’re into music

Montreal is a music mecca, especially for jazz, so if your parents will appreciate seeing a live performance, hit up Upstairs Jazz or House of Jazz for a full night of music fun.

If you want some family bonding time

What better way is there to bond with your parents than over some family-friendly activities. Montreal has a serious surplus of these so you really can have your pick. You can go skating outside, try your hand at ice fishing, or, when the weather warms up, go on a family hike through Parc Jean-Drapeau or up Mount Royal to get that iconic skyline photo.

If they’re into learning

If your parent’s interests lie in science, or just academia in general, you have to take them to one of Montreal’s multiple science or history museums. Hit up the Biodome for a look at ecosystems and some pretty adorable animals. But if you think they’d want to see Egyptian mummies or a hand written letter by Darwin, check out McGill’s Redpath Museum.

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