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9 Reasons Why Montreal Is The Place To Spend Your Summer​

You don’t need to travel anywhere else. Here’s why.
9 Reasons Why Montreal Is The Place To Spend Your Summer​

Montreal is an amazing city all year round. The gorgeous winter snow. The budding blooms of spring. The colours of fall. But there’s one season that Montreal lives and breathes for - and that’s summer. The city transforms into a playground of festivals, terraces, and parties - but that’s not all there is to love about Montreal in summer.

Montreal is a beautiful multicultural city, with a great vibe and some pretty amazing and carefree people. It's no wonder that Montreal is the place to spend the summer. Still not convinced? Well, here's 8 reasons:

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1. Unwinding with nature is so easy

Summer isn’t truly summer without an escape to nature - whether it’s heading to the park and relaxing in the sun, hiking Mount Royal in the morning or relaxing by the gorgeous Lachine canal.

With Mount Royal smack-bang in the center of the island, means you don’t need to travel hours to breathe in fresh mountain air or go hiking with your besties. Instant rejuvenation and BFFs for life.

Unlike other cities, Montreal is cheap and easy to get around which makes exploring the city and finding hidden parks you never knew about an amazing (and budget friendly!) way to spend a weekend. This summer, grab your bike and explore what the city has to offer, and if you don't have a bike, try renting a Bixi!

You don’t need to choose between city life and stepping away into nature. And that’s not something a lot of cities can boast.

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2. Montreal was into vintage before it was cool

Stepping into Old Port feel like you’ve saved a $1000 airfare to Europe. With the cobblestone streets, beautiful shop fronts and stone architecture just a few blocks from the center of the city, it feels like you’ve stepped back in time.

Montreal breathes both worlds, with stunning heritage buildings dotted throughout the city, savouring the old and new.

What better way to see a new side of Montreal than to see it in a different time?

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3. There is always something happening every weekend

Montreal is known for its festivals. It has over 100 festivals a year, whether it's food, fashion, music or comedy. No other city parties like Montreal, closing of city streets for festivals, shows, and events, with our faves like the Festival D'Été, Just For Laughs and of course, Montreal Pride. If you happen to be at one of these, make sure to check out the 7UP® Lemon Lemon™ pop-up stand and enjoy a refreshing can of sparkling lemonade.

Now, if you're not that into festivals, what about exploring the multitude of beautiful little boroughs around the city. There's actually always something to do in any of our neighbourhoods. Why not grab a bubble tea in Chinatown? Or how about a fancy Americano and a delicious cannoli from Little Italy?

So you really don’t need to think too hard to find a new surprise around the corner in Montreal this summer.

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4. It's easy to beat the heat

While some say Montreal is too hot in the summer, but there are some pretty amazing ways to cool down.

Whether it's checking out the amazing gelato at Le Kiosque in Saint-Louis square at the Plateau, or road-tripping to the amazeballs waterfalls at Chutes Sainte-Marguerite, there are plenty of options.

However, our vote is to head to a rooftop pool with your besties and savour an icy cool drink like Lemon Lemon. Nothing beats a relaxing day by the pool, sun tanning all day with a refreshing drink in hand. And don’t let the name fool you; Lemon Lemon is not just available in lemon flavour. Get into serious refreshment mode with Cucumber Mint or White Peach.

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5. It's like traveling to Europe

For those who know French already, they are sorted when visiting Montreal. For those who don’t, it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn a new language and explore a new culture.

Montreal is like visiting Europe without the stress of planning a big trip. It's a carefree, beautiful escape in your own backyard.

It’s all the layers of the Quebecois culture shining through that make Montreal a unique place, from street signs to bagels to the architecture.

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6. Do we even need to mention the food?

New York might have a pretty big rep, but on the bagel field, it has nothing against the classic MTL bagel. Montreal bagels are out of this world - but it’s not the only Montreal delicacy you need to savour.

Discovering the astounding variety of things you can create with maple syrup and poutine is jaw-dropping. When you combine maple syrup and poutine, you enter your happy place.

A melting pot of cultures, there's no better place to sit and eat cuisine from all over the world than Montreal.

Each week you could take a culinary adventure to a new part of the world, whether it's fine dining, a sprawling terrasse or a corner cafe.

(Pro tip: Braseiro on St Laurent is next level).

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7. Montreal's art scene is unrivaled

Montrealers see the world in a way that is different to the rest of the world. While some cities just focus on the hustle, Montrealers work to live.

You can see this with its rich art culture - it's not just in the amazing galleries in Montreal, but in its street art, too. With a city with thousands of festivals, street art, and fashion, you can’t help but be inspired by the creativity which is seeping from the pores of this city.

Grab your friends and fam, disconnect from social media,and spend the day exploring the city to find the hidden gems on the underground art scene. It's the best way to truly appreciate the beautiful city we live in without all the excess background noise and stress from work.

For locals looking for a new way to explore the city, get into Geocaching - Montreal alone has over 2000 caches. Get in on it.

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8. You can spend your weekends on a boat by the water

Ok guys, I don't know about you but I love water sports and a lot of people are surprised when I tell them that I spend most of my weekends on a boat by the water. So how is this possible? No, I'm not talking about the multitude of boats in the Old Port. I'm talking about the Fleuve St-Laurent in St-Lambert.

Only a 10 min drive from downtown Montreal, the Fleuve is the perfect place for some serious fun! From wakeboarding to wake surfing and even tubing, the Fleuve is the perfect place to hangout on the weekends and it's one of the reasons that Montreal is the place to spend the summer.

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9. It's the place for BFFs in summer

You might just be visiting Montreal, or living here (big ups to the affordable Montreal rent!), but either way, this is the place to be in summer.

Grab your besties and experience summer the carefree way: whether it’s relaxing at one of Montreal's terraces or heading to one of Montreal's amazing parks, picnicking and enjoying an icy cool can of Sparkling Lemonade. This. is. the. life.

Find how you can keep cool this summer with your besties by following Lemon Lemon on Insta, Facebook or check out their site right here for the DL on the most refreshing drink in town.

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