9 Ridiculous Projects Montreal Is Wasting YOUR Money On

Including the world's most expensive gazebo.
9 Ridiculous Projects Montreal Is Wasting YOUR Money On

Montreal has got a talent for proposing original projects, especially when it comes to the 375th anniversary of the city coming up next year.

But a few of themare questionable. There's the somewhat tacky Orchestra Fountain; those random piles of logs they call "art" near Cartier Des Spectacles; and then there are others, that are quite simply a waste of money.

The problem is, I feel like there's a tendency to spend a surprising amount of money on projects that offer little to the city other than looking neat or cool.

And that's fine in small doses, it gets a little ridiculous when we're spending upwards of $40 million on installations that serve no function whatsoever.

Here are some of the upcoming projects which are essentially just wasting your money.

Light Bridge

Cost: $40 million

Project: Light, it's just lights. 40 million dollars worth of lights. It wouldn't be such a waste if the bridge was less of an eyesore, but why bother putting makeup on a pig? According to the Mayor, anyone who opposes this project is just being a"Troll". Get it? Troll ... Bridge?

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The Olympic Stadium

Cost: $19 million

Project: Does it matter? Anytime you spend money on the Olympic stadium it's a waste. Unless that money is being put into a fund to demolish it once and for all. The city believes that the Stadium needs a more grand entrance and they're also taking the opportunity to reorganize the chaotic intersection at Pie IX and Sherbrooke, which might be the only redeemable quality of this project.

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Painting Bike Paths Twice

Cost: Twice as much as it should

Project: The plan was simple, re-paint the lines on the bikes paths. Only the workers who were hired screwed up the job and now, not only did we have to pay for it twice, we had to pay to re-train 90 blue collar workers how to paint straight lines

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Manhole Covers

Price: $500 Each

Project: Apparently the lids on our shit-filled underground pipes aren't pretty enough. So we need to have a contest to find the winning manhole cover design (with a cash prize obviously). Then we need to replace all of them at a cost of over $500 each. Because that's what will make the city look cool. Doesn't matter if the street is pothole-ridden and covered in cracks and tar patches because hey, at least the manholes look good.

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The World's Most Expensive Gazebo

Price: $1 Million

Project: We wrote about this back when the price tag was only $500,000, and it already seemed like a bat-shit crazy project. But now the cost has risen to at least $700,000 and they're not even sure if or when the project will be done. So it'll probably end up costing closer to a million dollars when it's all said and done. Seriously, this Gazebo had better be gold-plated or at the very least, have Wi-Fi.

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Concrete Tree Stumps 

Price: $4 Million

Project: Have you ever walked around Montreal and thought to yourself, "Man, this city could really use some concrete tree stumps, because benches are just so predictable and boring." It's okay though, how much could a chunk of concrete possibly cost? Oh wait, it costs $4,000,000 apparently.

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Water Taxis

Price: Too Much

Project: Do we actually need water taxis or do we just want them because New York has some? Ether way I would never risk riding a boat system here. Have you seen how often the metro breaks down? At least you can't drown in the metro.

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A Ferris Wheel That Doesn't Turn

Price: $1 Million

Project: If you can even cal it a Ferris wheel. Ferris wheels have a purpose. This is more of an homage to a Ferris wheel, or a shrine to the Glorious Ferris Wheel Gods of Asguard perhaps. Or maybe, we could have just bought a functioning Ferris wheel for $50,000, Just a thought.

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Directing Traffic

Price: $8 Million

Project: This isn't really a project, it's more a consequence to all the projects. The construction downtown has created such a clusterfuck of traffic that the city of Montreal has had to pay double what they spent last year on traffic cops. Smh.

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