9 Secret Ways You Can Save Money At IKEA

These are the "swedish" deals ever!
9 Secret Ways You Can Save Money At IKEA

Shopping at IKEA is an event in itself. You can eat there, you can sleep there. Going to IKEA is kind of like a day trip.

You can take a full day to browse their setups. I'm not too proud of it but I've definitely gotten lost in their maze of beds and curtains. But you know what? I had a damn good time.

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The store is already known for being relatively inexpensive. And we all know how great their minimalist pieces complement a bedroom.

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But now, thanks to these IKEA-hacks, you can save even more money and buy even more stuff. Before you know it, you'll be able to afford complete IKEA rooms. It's honestly a fantasy of mine to be able to walk in the store, point at a display and say "I'll take that one".

So, here are 9 ways you can save at IKEA:

1. Take the shortcuts

I know we all love the setup in the store, but unfortunately, the winds and turns are actually designed to make you spend more money. You'll end up filling up your cart with tons of items you don't actually need. Impulse buying is really dangerous people! Above the pathways, you should see hanging signs to tell you where you can escape the madness. Trust me, take the shortcuts. You can even come prepared with the IKEA store app that'll give you access to a map whenever you want it.

2. Stick to the warehouse

Controlling what you put in your cart takes a lot of self-control, so the best way to avoid impulse buys is to eliminate the temptation altogether. If you look on their website, you can get hold of all the names and numbers of the items you need. By skipping the trip through the displays, you can show up with a strict shopping list and only buy what you came for. So just show up, enter through the exit and go straight to the warehouse.

3. Join their loyalty program

Join the IKEA Family and get special VIP service. First of all, you'll get a chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card every month. That right there is reason enough to join. You'll also get everyday member prices on the whole IKEA FAMILY product range on top of month offers. On top of that, you'll have more time to return items with an extended 90-day return policy. That's pretty good for something you can join for free.

4. Use the website to keep track of deals

Online, they even have Montreal-specific deals that you can keep track of. Check out these offers! There are Wacky Wednesdays, Deals of the Week, Spring Bring deals. It really makes a difference when you shop.


5. Shop in the "last chance" section

This one pretty much applies to all stores: shop in the damn sales section. The yellow tags that say "last chance" can actually signal some pretty good deals. According to Janice Simonsen, an IKEA spokesperson, the discounts usually range from 15% to 50%. Imagine getting half off! These items have often been discontinued or are part of a limited edition collection, so keep an eye on them.

6. Wait for their moving week sale

Thankfully, IKEA knows that once July comes around everyone will be moving. So, that's when they have their sales. Check out IKEA's moving week sale to get up to 50% on your purchases. Every couple of days, you'll get different deals so you can move into your new home fully equipped with IKEA's best.

7. Make sure you always get the lowest price

By signing up for their loyalty program, you'll have access to IKEA's 90-day price protection guarantee. If you keep your eyes peeled on the prices, and whatever you bought goes on sale, you can show up with your receipt and get your money back.

8. Shop during their Kitchen Event

The key to shopping at IKEA is knowing when the deals are happening. The IKEA kitchen event is actually going on right now! From March 5 to April 16, IKEA will actually give you back your money back on IKEA gift cards so you can save it for later purchases. You'll get 10% back on your entire IKEA kitchen purchase, 15% back when you buy a kitchen with 1 or 2 appliances and 20% back if you buy a kitchen with 3 or more appliances.

9. Shop on Amazon

Behold, you can actually get IKEA products online at Amazon rather than by going to their store. A lot of the time, items are actually cheaper on Amazon than their are in-store. All you gotta do is type in "IKEA" and tons of items sold by IKEA (so don't worry, you won't be getting some cheap knock-off).

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