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9 Spots In Montreal You Need To Go If You're Craving Perogies

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9 Spots In Montreal You Need To Go If You're Craving Perogies

Since the dawn of time man has eaten dumplings.   The evidence: travel absolutely anywhere in the world from Asia to South American to North Africa, and you will find some form of fried or boiled dough filled with meat and vegetables. 

Perogies - also known as Varenyky - are stuffed dumplings of Central and Eastern Europe.  Traditionally served with sour cream, fried onions, and melted butter - these doughy balls of goodness are a mind-blowing carb bomb that naturally always comforts and hits the spot. 

Montreal has a rich Eastern European community, many are concentrated in certain areas of the city. You will find that many of the restaurants on this list are in the Cotes-Des-Neiges area. But the choice is yours! If you love Perogies, have your pick at some of the best spots in the city. Check 'em out!

9. Euro-Deli Batory

Where: 115 Rue Saint Viateur // Mile-End

Why you should go: This cozy Mile-End spot is one of my favs. As you may know, I talk about it a lot. That's because, from the moment I set foot in this pint-sized deli/market, I knew the food would be unforgettable.


8. Stash Cafe

Where: 200 Saint-Paul // Old Port

Why you should go: This Old Port spot serves up traditional polish dishes in a warmly lit room. The cozy and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for a special date.


7. Snowdon Deli

Where: 5265 Decarie Blvd // Cotes-Des-Neiges

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Why you should go: Cheese blintz , latkes, Babkas, matzo ball soup, and yes - perogies. And many other Eastern European classic Montreal deli delights. I grew up around the corner from this place, so I've been there literally hundreds of times. And I can tell you, it's good.


6. Main Deli Steak House

Where: 3864 St Laurent Blvd // Plateau

Why you should go: The Main has been on St.Laurent since 1974, so you know it's gotta be good. They serve all the classics we love, in an atmosphere that has not changed much. Which is just how I like it. Their perogies are delicious, served the classic way with sour cream and fried onions. Yum.


5. Cafe Baba Yaga

Where: 3279 St Jacques St // Little Burgundy

Why you should go: Cafe Baba Yaga serves the same classic Eastern European dishes that bring maximum comfort, but this new (ish) spot does it with a twist. With careful attention to detail on presentation, and a stylish interior. This is a great spot for a special brunch date.


4. La Caverne Russe

Where: 5184 Côte-des-Neiges Rd // Cotes-Des-Neiges

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Why you should go: This family-style hidden gem is in a cozy basement spot in the heart of Cotes-Des-Neiges and boasts a traditional Russian menu of caviar, Vodka, and perogies. Like all good Russian spots, there is also live music.


3. Wawel

Where: 5499 Sherbrooke St W // Plateau

Why you should go: Although this place might not have the glitz and the glam of other restaurants, some people swear by their delicious traditional pastries and perogies.


2. Restaurant Georgia 

Where: 5112 Decarie Blvd // Cotes-Des-Neiges

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Why you should go: This Russian eatery is has got white tablecloths and dark wooden furniture. It's everything you imagined a genuine Russian restaurant to look and feel like. They often have live music and serve traditional dishes and wine.


1. Restaurant Ermitage

Where: 5024 Chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges // Cotes-Des-Neiges

Why you should go: This Russian restaurant is a little bit more formal and is inspired by the St.Petersburg museum. The best part, all the traditional dishes you're looking for are served here.


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