9 Struggles Of Dating A Greek Guy In Montreal

My Big Fat Greek Relationship
9 Struggles Of Dating A Greek Guy In Montreal

The Greek community has been a staple of Montreal for roughly 60 years and have become engrained in the very fabric of the city's multicultural landscape. While the younger generation is more accustomed to life in a western country, they're still all too familiar with the struggles of having a traditional Greek family.

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While we Greeks have been able to adjust to it fine, matters always seem to become complicated when dating is involved, especially when your S.O. isn't Greek. So here it is: the 9 struggles of dating a Greek guy.

1. All The Food... Too Much Food

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If there's one thing that Greeks know how to do is throw ridiculously overwhelming family dinners celebrating absolutely nothing at all. You essentially have two choices: learn to say no to seconds AT LEAST four times or give in and make sure you bring fat-pants.

2. You Absolutely NEED To Love Kids

Regardless of how old you and your S.O. are, there are always going to be young cousins that will be obsessed with you because you're the newest "addition" to this event. Whether they keep on wanting to play with you or have them sit next to you at dinner, you're going to need to start warming up to kids.

3. Want To Meet His Family? You Need To Go To Laval

Meeting his parents or immediate is one thing but once is begins to get more serious and you have to meet the rest of his family, trips to Laval are going to become a regular occurrence.

4. Get Ready For A Whole Lotta Trauma At Easter

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Ok so basically every single day you've spent with your Greek S.O. and his family is to prepare you and your soul for Easter. No just any Easter, But GREEK EASTER. It's the biggest event of the year for a Greek family and if you're not properly equipped then you could find yourself overwhelmed before you even step foot in the door.

5. Having To Deal With Overly Nosy Relatives

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Normally meeting extended family isn't too difficult. Sure it's a little stressful but all you have to do is smile, answer the right questions and you are good to go. But not with a Greek family. With the proper motivation, the aunts and grandmothers could crack a KGB agent like a nut so you definitely need to be on you A+++ game.

6. Having To Remind Relatives For The 20,000th Time That You're Not Greek

And then said relatives (usually grandparents) turn to your S.O. in disbelief and says: "Then eine Elliniki?" (Wait she's not Greek?)

7. Wanting To Hang Out On The Weekend But He Has Family Commitments

Greeks love celebrating everything. Literally. We celebrate the first of every single month just because. So it's always going to be a chore trying to find time to see your S.O. when he isn't committed to family plans.

8. You Wanting To Go Eat Greek Food And Him Wanting Anything But

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There is a plethora of Greek restaurants in Montreal ranging from fast food/dive to five star high quality and everything in between. That being said, nearly every single time you go to one of them all he does is point out what they got wrong and how they could improve or how his grandmother could be better than the whole kitchen put together.

9. Having To Sit Awkwardly By While The Entire Family Does Prayer

Greeks do no take religion lightly so now all you have to do before you eat is for them to finish because you don't understand what they're saying and what is happening.

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