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9 Things Montrealers Need To Know About The Rest Of Canada

A little while ago, we let the rest of Canada in on what they should know about Montrealers. Now we're flipping the tables, because it's actually kind of surprising the odd biases Montrealers have on Canadians outside of Quebec.

First, lets put in on the table: Montreal is the greatest, and we totally get why most citizens would never want to leave. But not leaving Quebec should never be incentivized by the thought that the rest of Canada is boring, uncultured, and not worth your time.

Because we want everyone to get along and be merry, we've compiled some important points that Montrealers need to know about the rest of Canada. Read on below.

Other Parts Of Canada Speak French Too

Quebec isn't the only province with a French-speaking population, even though it's easily the largest. Pockets of Francophones can actually be found all across Canada (les Ontarois, Fransaskois, Franco-Columbians, etc.) and in totality, about 9% of Canadians are educated in French immersion programs.

And many more Canadians truly do make an effort to at least learn some French in school. So don't hesitate to drop some French in other Canadian provinces, because there's a solid chance they'll understand most (if not some) of what you're saying.

We're Just As "Americanized" As Everywhere Else

The notion that Montreal is somehow less affected by American culture is kind of ridiculous. Think about it: next to everything you see on TV/film, listen to, or wear is a product of our neighbors to the south.

Yes, Montrealers take pride in our own culture, and celebrate it as much as possible, but we're definitely not free of any American influence.

The same phenomenon is seen elsewhere in Canada, with American culture seeping in but not entirely taking everything over. All in all, the whole nation is affected by 'Merica to some (if not equal) degree.

Photo cred - Ronnie Chua

Ever Canadian City Has A Unique Flavour

Roping in every other province/city in the nation as the "rest of Canada" is completely reductive, and is altogether an unfair representation of each area's unique identity.

Montreal may think of itself as the cultural capital of Canada (and we think it is) but that isn't to say other Canadian cities don't have a culture of their own.

And we're not just talking about Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Winnipeg, and the many other metropolises of Canada all boast a rich history and unique lifestyle, all of which you should get to know.

And All Of Them Hate On Toronto, Too

Montreal isn't the only Canadian city to sh*t on the 6ix every once in a while. Toronto is the smug sibling of Canadian cities, thinking itself above the rest for next to no reason, and Canadians outside of the GTA loathe such a self-involved sentiment.

So you're not alone Montreal, the rest of Canada hates on Toronto too.

No One Really Sh*ts On Quebec

It always surprises me when I hear native Montrealers or Quebecers talk about how other Canadians aren't fans of la belle province.

The truth is the reverse, at least among the younger generation of Canadians. As an Ontario transplant, I've never heard a single negative thing said about Montreal/Quebec.

If anything, most Canadians simply don't know enough about Quebec to have a reason to hate on the province. That's a problem in itself, because if they knew anything they'd love Quebec, but at least it's not a dislike.

The Prairie Provinces Aren't A Complete Wasteland Like You Think

Actually though.

I mean, yes, there are some small boring towns you wouldn't want to go to (there are a few here in Quebec, too, so don't hate) but the larger cities are definitely worth checking out. Edmonton even rivals Montreal when it comes to summer festivals.

Canada Is Huge, Diverse, And Beautiful

Okay, outside of the culture debate, saying the all of Canada is "the same" is straight up wrong just in a geographical sense.

Being the second largest land mass in the world, there is a lot to Canada in terms of natural settings, landscapes, and waterside vistas. There's a lot of beauty to Canada's geography, offering some of the most breathtaking sights in the world, and it's worth leaving the province for.

So even if you care nothing for the culture of Canada outside of Quebec, screw the people and enjoy the nation's natural beauty.

"English" Doesn't Mean "British"

I feel like Americans and Quebecers share the same strange notion that most of Canada has some strange devotion to the Queen or something, which is very far from the truth.

Being an English speaker in Canada doesn't mean you have a portrait of Elizabeth above your mantel, or anything of the like. Canada may be a Commonwealth country, but that's pretty much where the cultural ties end. Unless you count Prince William's family, but hey, everyone thinks they're cute as hell.

All Of Canada Is Pretty Damn Smart

Strangely, while perusing through some polls on what Quebecers think about the rest of Canada, I was kind of surprised to see that many believed other Canadians to be super religious and uneducated.

To be fair, there was a skew towards the prairie provinces in both claims, and any Canadian in a major city might make the same claim, but it's vastly unjustified.

In total, about half of Canadians have a university degree, making the entire population rather well educated. The religious stereotype is harder to dispel with any concrete facts, but overall, Canadians aren't restricted by any narrow set of beliefs. We're not the American south, after all.

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