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9 Things The Ontario Cannabis Store Sells That You Can't Buy At The SQDC

Marijuana has officially been legal for 2 days now,  and at first we were all very excited to see all the products offered by the SQDC  (La Société québecoise du cannabis).

But now that the hype is slowly dying down we decided to take a moment to see what some of the other provinces in Canada had to offer on their websites. 

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Quebec's website has 6 different varieties of products including pre-rolled joints, oils and oral vaporizers. They come in 4 different species and 3 strengths. 

And that's pretty much it.  

Meanwhile the OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) sells a ton of products online you can't buy at the SQDC

It's October 17, Ontario. As the only legal place to buy recreational cannabis in Ontario, our goal is to help adults make informed and responsible choices. #LegalizationDay#LearnCannabis

October 17, 2018

Ontario's store sells all the same dried flowers, oils, capsules, oral sprays and pre-rolled joints as the Quebec store. But they also sell:

And last but not least...

A product called Fleur de Lune Intimate Spray which is described as an easy-to-use THC-infused oil for "intimate use".

Via ocs

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