9 Things To Do At Montreal's 'Underground City' Festival

A fun and interesting way to explore the city.
9 Things To Do At Montreal's 'Underground City' Festival

This year, Montreal's super fun underground art festival is returning this February 21 for yet another year of beautiful art, fun discovery, and super cool events.

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Art Souterrain celebrates the uniqueness of Montreal's underground city through art exhibits. This year's theme is (appropriatley) fun, and in addition to art exhibits, they've got some super fun events that you can attend. 

1. Check out their super fun opening party.

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Their Avant Premiere party is taking place on February 21. It's free and open to everyone, and feature a cool preview of artists' artwork.

2. During Nuit Blanche, get your live music on. 

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Check out free live music during Nuit Blanche throughout the underground path, plus art performances.

3. See the festival through the eyes of the artists.

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Every Tuesday and Wednesday, get check out your favourite exhibits with commentary by the artists themselves, or the people who helped put the exhibit together.

4.  Have some free time on your lunch? Then prepare for some free shows!

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On weekdays, certain buildings will actually be hosting live art performances during lunchtime. Entrance is free!

5.  Get yourself on a guided tour to really understand the art you're admiring.

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Guided tours of the underground circuit take place on weekends. You need to book your ticket ASAP, though, as spaces are limited.

6. Or check out a panel discussion to see the exhibit in a totally different way.

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Panel discussions on the exhibit and various other topics are going down on March 9 and March 17.

7. Party it up at Never Apart, and observe the gorgeous exhibitions.

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On March 24, Never Apart will be hosting an artist talk. There's going to be music, art, and good vibes all around!

8. Love galleries? Then check out a totally free, guided gallery walk-through. 

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Skawennati, a Mohawk artist, will be discussing her work with the public free of charge on March 18.

9. And enjoy some free tea at Dawson College, along with some free art viewing.

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On March 11, Dawson College will be inviting the general public to take a walk through their art gallery... plus, they'll be offering some free tea.

Sounds like the most fun you can have this winter? Then check out Art Souterrain's website for more information.

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