9 Things To Expect If You've Been Accepted To Marianopolis College

The ins and outs of Mari.
9 Things To Expect If You've Been Accepted To Marianopolis College

Nestled in Westmount, Marianopolis is the only English private college in Montreal. Home to over 2000 students, Marianopolis is well known for its academic excellence and competitive environment. Being an alumni of Marianopolis, I can say that pretty much everything you hear about this place is true. Take it from me, Marianopolis is an amazing school. You will be academically challenged for two full years, and the pay-off is totally worth it.

Some of the stuff that you might've heard about the non-academically related aspects of Marianopolis are probably also true, like almost every student having a nicer car than their teacher. Nevertheless, Mari will probably be two of the best years of your life. So, if you're worried, scared, anxious or excited to start Marianopolis, here are 9 things to expect in the Fall.

1. Beamer, Benz or Bently

Looking for nice cars? You're definitely going to find them at Marianopolis. You will spot a ton of people a) driving to school and, most noticeably, b) driving an expensive car. Sure, I may be generalizing, but overall it's quite a sight when you see all these cars in one place. Expect a gathering of BMW's, Benz', Audi's or Range Rovers. You know you go to Marianopolis when the students have nicer cars than the teachers #sorrynotsorry.

2. The struggle of finding parking

Parking around Westmount isn't easy. Marianopolis is in a residential area, so most parking spots are reserved. As if that's bad not enough, students aren't allowed to park in the school parking lot, unless it's for 'medical reasons'. So, as you'll come to find out, everyone just parks their car in front of the school in the temporary parking area and runs outside between or during class to move it. Alternatively, they just let themselves get a ticket and have no trouble paying it.

3. The hallways are a runway

Your first few days at school are your one chance to make a statement. And by statement I mean, DRESS TO KILL. You'll realize that by mid-semester, almost everyone is sporting sweat pants and an oversized hoodie. But during weeks 1-3, the hallways are a runway, so whip out your Chanel boots, Gucci sunglasses and Marc Jacobs jacket, because everyone is looking and most probably judging.

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4. "My Dad owns..."

Almost everyone at Marianopolis is the highlight of their parents existence. As if that's not enough, the students at Mari seem to be even more proud of their parents. It's a bit overwhelming and borderline uncomfortable. So get ready to be surrounded by people whose parents own everything and anything around the city and/or world.


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5. Wayne's World

There is this small hole in the wall in the basement of Marianopolis called Wayne's World (no not the movie). Wayne's World has everything you need from calculators to hoodies to free candy! You are served by Wayne, and his groupies, who are essentially obsessed students.

6. Starbucks runs

Get ready to either hike up and down Sherbrooke or take a drive to the closest Starbucks for a pick-me-up coffee or frappucinno. If you are not into Starbucks, you will be once you start Marianopolis. It's a necessity to get through all the late night essays you'll be writing. Get ready to be the stereotypical #whitegirl (even if you're a boy...).

7. Mandy's

If you haven't yet eaten a famous Mandy's salad, you'll be sure to pop your Mandy's cherry once you start Marianopolis. Once hidden in the back of a retail store on Sherbrooke, they have now grown to become a mecca for quick, easy salads in Montreal. You're guaranteed to receive a delicious, fresh salad and service with a smile.

8. Being Academically Challenged

Don't panic. You're still smart. But you will definitely be academically challenged the first semester/year/two years at Marianopolis. It's pretty much inevitable. However, it will pay off once you start University! Trust me.

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9. Sweating your life away in class

Marianopolis College is old. And by old, I mean so old that most of the classes don't have AC. In other words, get ready to legit sweat your life away in class during those hot summer days. Enjoy!

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