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9 Ways Driving An Audi Will Compliment Your Montreal Lifestyle

You know you want one really really badly.
9 Ways Driving An Audi Will Compliment Your Montreal Lifestyle

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Driving in Montreal is a daily struggle. Not only do you have to put up with famously reckless drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, but anyone rocking four wheels in the city also has to deal with a variety of not-so-pleasant environmental obstacles like giant potholes and all the awful that comes with winter. Then there's just dealing with traffic and finding a place to park when you go out. In short, driving in Montreal can be a pain, unless you got a car that caters to life in the city.

Not all cars can deal with the many needs of Montreal life. A perfect-for-Montreal ride needs to be versatile in many respects. It's got to be cool and pretty enough to fit with the city's aesthetic, have enough space to facilitate any of the many nightlife and trip options in and around the city, while also being able to smoothly ride on the streets in winter, or any season. Audi's Q3 can do all that, and more.

Now available in Canada, and by extension, Montreal, Audi's latest Q3 car, the 2015 Audi Q3 quattro, is a car seemingly designed for the Montreal lifestyle. Sounds a little too good to be true, we know, so let us show you how.

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Park Anywhere

Getting a parking spot in Montreal is a double-pronged problem. One, there's barely any space in the downtown core/nightlife area, so good look with that on a Friday night. Two, if you even get a spot, you have to deal with those supremely confusing parking signs. Seriously, they're in a language all their own and the city needs a change. The Q3 can't help out with the second problem, but thankfully, the car's surprising nimbleness for a car of that size gives you many more parking options than you'd think. Check out the video below to see what we mean.

Road Trip-able

Speaking of space, you may want to fill it with friends from time to time when you actually head out of the city. Montreal has more than enough to do inside the city, though there's a whole mess of places to visit only a short drive away. From scenic drives, to fun fall road trips, to a simple excursion to the hills for skiing in the winter, the Q3 has the space. The big ol' trunk can fit in all of your bags or equipment, or just flip the chairs up to squeeze in your friends.

Grocery Gettin'

A nice car usually comes with a limited amount of space, meaning you can't really pack your ride up with people, or more importantly, with food. Montreal's obsession with food is a city-wide problem (not that we think of it like that) and it's fairly evident from the insane amount of restaurants and many farmer's markets in the city. For those who love to hit up Jean-Talon or Atwater Markets and pack up the car with tons of fresh produce, cheeses, and various other eats, the Q3 is a true 'grocery getter' with enough of a trunk to fit any and all of your purchased foods.

Winter Prepared

Like I've said, and we're all too painfully aware, winter in Montreal is never all that fun, especially for drivers. Streets become icy paths of doom as you careen down the road, hoping your maintains enough control over itself to survive your drive to work. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the Audi Q3 will get you where you need to go, no matter the condition of the roads. Better yet, the car can make a pretty easy transition into the warmer months, not seeming like a gigantic winter behemoth in the middle of summer.

A Versatile Cool

Diversity is a key feature of Montreal, with the city's people coming from many different backgrounds, in various age groups, and all with varying desires. From the single young professional who goes out constantly to the parent who takes the kids to soccer practice, the Audi Q3 is able to meet the needs of both and anything in between. Just as functional as it is cool, the Q3 is home on St. Laurent at 1am or a house in NDG.

Pothole Protected

No one needs to be told that the roads in Montreal are more than a little worn. And that's putting it nicely. Montreal's potholes are things of legend, and we're not just talking about the giant one that gobbled up some heavy machinery. A crossover SUV, the Q3 is set a bit higher than your standard luxury car, so if you hit a pothole, you won't be careened off the road. Nimble and maneuverable, you'll probably avoid potholes anyway. Well, maybe not all, there are simply too many.

Pretty Enough For Montreal

Montrealers like pretty things, which is great because the city and its people are pretty beautiful. The city's female population is ranked the 8th most beautiful in the world, the men are nothing to scoff at either, and murals beautify the more gritty and urban aspects of the city' architecture. If you want a car that embodies Montreal, it needs to look good, and the Q3 does. Sleek, modern, and the happy medium between big and small, the Q3 matches the city's aesthetic entirely.

Listen To The Music Scene In Style

Home to all sorts of musicians, the music scene in Montreal is quite diverse. Nearly every form of music is represented in Montreal, and the city has a venue for all of them, from giant festivals like Osheaga to more intimate spots like Casa del Popolo. To appreciate the wide range of music the city has to offer, your car should have a very legit sound system, which the Q3 does. Boasting a Bose surround sound system with 14 loudspeakers you can enjoy your favourite track with some serious sound quality. Lots of speakers aren't exclusive to the Q3, but its still an important aspect for any music lover, which there are many of in Montreal.

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A Classy Car For Classy Bars

One of the amazing things about the nightlife scene in Montreal is the amazing mix of bars, clubs, and venues which range from super grungy to incredibly trendy. It's probably why Montreal was named the 7th best nightlife city in the world. As fun as it is to get a little declassé at Montreal's less ritzy establishments, sometimes you want to get a little classy. You know, dress up, drink fancy cocktails, and arrive/depart in style in a sweet ride. Limos will automatically make you look douchy, but the Audi Q3 is just the right amount of swag. Not only is the car pretty, it's an Audi, which is synonymous with swank in the world of cars.