9 Well-Paying English Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now In Montreal

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9 Well-Paying English Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now In Montreal

Hello job seekers of Montreal! It's a tough time of year, and it can be even more difficult if you're in the middle of a job hunt.

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TL;DR Listed below are 9 well-paying English language jobs that are hiring right now in Montreal. Below each posting, you'll find a link to the application. Good luck!

We understand that the search for employment can be grueling, especially if you're anglophone in Montreal or new to the city and speak little French.

But despite popular belief, there are actually lots of great English-only jobs available in Montreal. Here are a few prime examples of organizations in Montreal that are hiring for English-only roles right now! 

If you're looking for work at the moment, keep scrolling on, and happy hunting!

1. English Telesales Representative

Where: Merchant Processor Solutions
Salary: $15/hour + Commission

Apply HERE.

2. English B2B Inside Sales

Where: Digitech Payments
Salary: up to $1,500 / week

Apply HERE.

3. Video Game Tester

Where: Keywords Studios Montreal
Salary: $12 - $14.50 / hour

Apply HERE.

4. English Telesales Representative

Where: INKAS payment
Salary: $36,000 / year

Apply HERE.

5. Outbound Sales Agent

Where: Wellspring
Salary: $15 / hour

Apply HERE.

6. Work from home customer service [Eng/German]

Where: Monify Media
Salary: $20/hour

Apply HERE.

7. Academic Affairs Officer

Where: Mcgill University
Salary: $50,800 - $63,500 / year

Apply HERE.

8. General Administration

Where: Boost One Network
Salary: $35,000 - $40,000 / year

Apply HERE.

9. English B2B Lead Generator

Where: LinkNow Media
Salary: $15 - $19 / hour

Apply HERE.

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