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9 Well-Paying English Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now In Montreal

New positions!
9 Well-Paying English Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now In Montreal

Happy Friday Montreal! Another week, another job list. There are new English opportunities popping up every single week. 

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The great part is that many of these jobs are marked as "casual," "contract," or "part-time." This is perfect if you're still in school but looking to make some easy-ish cash on the side. Doesn't that sound nice?

Here are my best English job finds for the week! And always remember, although it's relatively easy to find English-only jobs in Montreal, learning French is extremely valuable in the long-run.

1. English Player Support For Video Gaming

Where: Keywords Studios Montreal
Salary: $13.50-$16 / hour

Apply HERE

2. English Prospecting Rep

Where: Inkas Payments
Salary: $20 / hour

Apply HERE

3. English Telesales Representative

Where: Merchant Processor Solutions
Salary: $13 - $16 / hour

Apply HERE

4. Charity Fundraising Coordinator

Where: We Planet Earth
Salary: $16 / hour

Apply HERE

5. Video Games Playtest Participant (Contract)

Where: Player Research
Salary: $180 / day

Apply HERE

6. Partnerships Coordinator for Luxury Villa Agency

Where: Rental Escapes
Salary: Not specified

Apply HERE

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7. Entry-Level Inbound Customer Service Representative

Where: Fusion BPO Services
Salary: $12.50 - $13.50 / hour

Apply HERE

8. Travel Support Agent

Where: Hopper
Salary: Not specified

Apply HERE

9. Telephone Interviewer (Mandarin & English)

Where: Ad Hoc Reseach
Salary: $12.25 / hour

Apply HERE

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