A 100% Vegan Store Is Opening In Montreal On Bishop Street Tomorrow

Injecting a healthy dose of plant based food power into the city.
A 100% Vegan Store Is Opening In Montreal On Bishop Street Tomorrow

Photo cred - Vege Nom

Being vegan ain't easy, even in Montreal. Sure, vegetarian options are abound in the city, but finding a restaurant that specifically caters to a diet involving zero cheese, eggs, or animal by-products of any sort is a much more difficult task. Copper Branch is going to change all that, as they open their 100% vegan doors to the public on September 11th.

To open on Bishop street, right by Guy-Concordia metro (map), Copper Branch is a self-described "100% Plant-Based Food Powerhouse" restaurant that is all about providing delectable eats that will make Montrealers feel good. With a manifesto focusing on "green" foods (no GMO products, no frying, nourishing) and making the community healthy with a tantalizing assortment of foods, Copper Branch wants to show you that "you are more vegan than you think."

Don't get weirded because Copper Branch doesn't fry any of their foods or use cheese in everything, a go-to cop out for a lot of vegetarian cuisine, because judging by their online menu, the restaurant will still make some mighty fine dishes. From breakfast (tofu-scramble burrito, smoothies) to lunch (vegan burgers, sandwiches) to dinner (chili, "power" bowls) and even desserts (zucchini brownies, banana "bread"), Copper Branch will have you set any time of the day.

We haven't been able to try any of Copper Branche's food, but come Thursday, September 11th, we'll be the first ones in line to see if Copper Branch lives up to its claims, and can truly deliver delicious all-vegan food. We have hope.

Find out more about Copper Branch at their facebook pageofficial website and Twitter feed.

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