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A -25°C "Polar Cold Wave" Will Hit Quebec This Week

The province will have some of the coldest air on Earth.
A -25°C "Polar Cold Wave" Will Hit Quebec This Week

We've already had a taste of some bitterly cold weather across Quebec during the weekend, but what would Monday be if it didn't hit us unbelievable, miserable, bone-chilling cold.

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TL;DR A massive "cold wave" is expected to hit Quebec this week, with temperatures in the province welcoming some of the coldest air on the planet. Montreal and Quebec City will be seeing temperatures in the low to mid -20s° C before they begin to warm up on Saturday. More details below.

If you thought this week would bring some more mild temperatures before the official start of winter, well, you're in for an incredibly unpleasant treat. The worst of this year's season is about to hit this province, and you'll definitely want to be staying indoors.

Surprisingly, today is the lesser of the winter evil, with winds across Montreal and Quebec City up to 15km/h and temperatures reaching -14° C and -17° C by the afternoon. From there it's only going to get worse.

Both Monday and Tuesday night temperatures are expected to reach -22° C in Montreal and -26° C in Quebec City. Not only that, but parts of northern Quebec are expected to reach bitter temperatures of -35° C on the same days. According to The Weather Network, that's some of the coldest air on the planet.

That's not all: Wednesday is predicted to be the iciest day of the week with "polar cold" temperatures.

After that, things are expected to start looking up for Quebecers. Thursday and Friday will give way to rising temperatures, but with that you should expect cloudy weather, heavy rain, and a mixture of snow. 

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The temperatures in Montreal from Thursday to Friday will range from -5° C to 1° C and all the way up to 4° C on Saturday. Quebec City will see similar movement with Thursday and Friday temperatures going from -10° C to 0° C, reaching 3° C on Saturday.

Lets just hope we can make it through the next few days of extreme cold.

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