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A 95-Year-Old Canadian Grandma Kicked A Bear Out Of Her Kitchen Twice

The most heartwarmingly Canadian story you'll hear all day!
A 95-Year-Old Canadian Grandma Kicked A Bear Out Of Her Kitchen Twice

Canadians are adorable. Animals are adorable. So when the two come together, it makes for some pretty hilarious and viral moments.

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Canada is a vast country abundant in wild life. So chance encounters with impressive, even terrifying creatures are frequent. While hikers should take every precaution to stay out of the path of potentially dangers beasts, sometimes avoiding those animals proves impossible.

Especially when they enter your own home!

Thst's what happened to a 95-year-old woman in British Columbia, who was just watching TV one day this week when she heard a commotion in her kitchen.

The culprit: a huge black bear rummaging for food in her kitchen.

Anna Stady seems to have been amused by situation. She calmly asked the bear to leave but sympathized with its plight for food. She also admired its size and beauty.

She claims the bear even looked back at her with a forlorn expression on its way out of her home. Stady again told the bear to leave and gestured for it to continue its sad march out.

She then returned to her TV program only to hear more noise in her kitchen. She returned to find the bear pouring through sugar he had spilled on the floor. While she was dismayed by the mess, she also pitied the bear's desire for something sweet.

This time the bear knew he was in trouble and left without returning.

Stady says her calm demeanour throughout the encounter comes from her work at a  camp in rural B.C., where she had to constantly drive away bears.

She was luckily uninjured this time but left with a huge mess.

If you see a bear, you should definitely not do what Stady did and instead lock yourself in a safe place and contact local authorities.

But this makes for a great (and very Canadian) story.


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