A Baby Fox Was Trapped In Montreal's STM Metro For 3 Days, Here's What Actually Happened

On Sunday, a man posted a photo on Facebook showing a young fox wandering around some metro tracks in the McGill metro station.

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The fox seemed terrified and was howling. Most of the commenters thought the photo was a fake, and some people even started photoshopping fake "spottings"

We're used to seeing rats in the metro, but how the hell did the fox get there?

The STM has no freakin' idea and apparently, finding animals in the metro is extremely rare. 

They did confirm that the fox is very real and was trapped in the metro since at least Friday. On Monday, this photo was posted on the Spotted STM page showing the adorable trespasser.

Later the STM confirmed that the fox was safely captured and released on Ile-Ste-Helene, so at least this story has a happy ending.