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A Baby Jesus Statue Keeps Getting Stolen From A Church Nativity Set And Canadians Are Furious

The figurine has attended multiple New Year's Eve parties after being stolen.
A Baby Jesus Statue Keeps Getting Stolen From A Church Nativity Set And Canadians Are Furious

We all know that as soon as it begins to snow, churches across the country set up their traditonal nativity sets for the season. You probably never really pay attention to it, and wouldn't even notice if something went missing.

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TL;DR Members of a church in Renfrew, Ontario were disturbed to find the Baby Jesus figurine from the popular church nativity set was stolen during the Santa Claus Parade. OPP has been unsucessful at locating the thief and the statue is still missing.

Well, for one Canadian church, they definitely did notice.

A Renfrew, Ontario church was shocked to find their Baby Jesus statue, which obviously plays a pretty big role in the set, had been stolen right from the set with the vandal going completely undetected. 

It was especially disappointing since organizers for the church group had spent two months building the scene, just for its main attraction to be kidnapped. 

The Renfrew "Put Christ Back In Christmas" commitee has been setting up the statues each holiday season for decades, and this isn't the first time a figurine has been stolen.

Three years ago, a thief of the Baby Jesus statue took it to a string of New Year's Eve parties across the city. By the end of the night, police had forced them to return the life-size figurine.

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This time, police haven't been so lucky catching whoever the thief is. Ontario Provincial Police believe that the statue was stolen sometime during the town's Santa Claus Parade on Saturday night or at least sometime that evening. 

Needless to say, residents were not happy.

The #Renfrew baby Jesus is missing! My kids really love checking out the display each year! Hope he finds his way back to Low Square soon

December 4, 2018

The scene in #Renfrew is beautifully lit. Sad that the baby #Jesus is missing! Hope he is returned soon.

December 4, 2018

As the holiday season reaches its peak and Baby Jesus is still MIA, both the church commitee and Renfrew OPP are desperately asking that it be returned in time for Christmas Day.

Who knows what the figurine is up to now and what it has seen beyond the set.


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