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A Bunch Of Frat Bros Are Trying To Start A New Movement On Instagram

Frat bros are arguably the most hated demographic in university student populations, and justifiably so. Stereotypically loud, rude, misogynistic, and overall douchey, frat bros have earned their ranking on many school's most hated list. Now, in a self-aware social media campaign, frat bros are telling the world how important fraternities least to members. But what do Montreal fraternities have to say?

#WhyWeNeedFrat is tearing through the many realms of social media, from Instagram to Twitter, as frat bros take pictures of themselves holding white boards with reasons why they need frats written on them. Some are actually on-point and sympathetic, others are what you'd expect from a frat bro, so kinda douchey.

Montreal has a more than a few fraternities who should partake in #WhyWeNeedFrat. 12 different fraternities exist in Montreal, all with members from McGill, Concordia, and UdeM, so hopefully we'll get to see a #WhyWeNeedFratInMTL very soon. Like right now. Get on it fraternity brothers, consider this an official call to arms.

Check out the video compilation of #WhyWeNeedFrat below

Another thing to remember is the difference between a fraternity member and a frat bro. The former is a student who happens to be in a social organization seeking to make lasting bonds, the other is the stereotype we all know and hate. Also, not all fraternities are the same in terms of member-makeup and goals. Delta Lambda Phi (my frat @ McGill) is made up of gay, bisexual, and progressive men who strive to break stereotypes about the LGBT community, and many other fraternities have similiarly altruistic goals. So don't hate so soon...unless they start yelling CHUG!


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