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A Canadian Couple Built Their Own Self-Sustaining Island

Light house tower? Check. Half acre garden? Check. Art gallery? Check.
A Canadian Couple Built Their Own Self-Sustaining Island

Almost everyone nowadays tries to do a little something to help the environment. You know, like turning the tap off while you brush your teeth, or keeping the lights off if you're not in the room, or, if you're really ambitious, buying a green car or using sustainable energy sources. But this Canadian couple have taken green-living to a whole new level.

Artists Wayne Adams and Catherine King have built themselves a massive floating home in Cypress Bay, just north of Tofino, British Columbia. First built in 1992, the island now consists of 12 platforms, five greenhouses, a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse, a generator shed, and a studio where the couple live. The aptly titled "Freedom Cove" is a no-impact, no-money, and no-waste alternative to normal living.

Photo Cred - TreeHugger

Wayne and Catherine don't even own a fridge - they eat what she grows in her garden and what he catches from the ocean. They live there year-round and get their drinking water from a nearby waterfall during the warmer months and from rainwater in the winter. Electricity comes from solar panels or a generator.

You can even go check out their island home for yourself. From June to September they host tours of Freedom Cove to teach visitors about their unique way of life.

While I certainly applaud their efforts, I don't know that myself, or most people for that matter, would be able handle such a different way of living.

Check out the rest of the impressive photos of Freedom Cove:

Photo Cred - TreeHugger


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