A Canadian Man Is Suing His University For Him Not Getting A Job

Going to university and completing a degree, whether it be a bachelors, masters, or medical degree, doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job after graduation. 

What a post-secondary education is supposed to do, however, is provide the education necessary to get a job in your chosen field of study, should the opportunity arise. 

James Stuart, a former student at Western University, says the university didn’t give him the knowledge and skills he needed to become a medical microbiologist. So Stuart is takin Western to court. 

According to court documents, Stuart earned his MD in 2007 from Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine. 

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Stuart alleges that the university’s program “ provided substandard education…thereby undermining [his] effort to become a certified specialist in medical microbiology.”

During his time at Western, Stuart says, the five-year post-graduate residency program he was enrolled in quickly deteriorated, with key faculty members leaving and many students dropping out. 

Despite these issues, Stuart stuck with the program and finished his five years of schooling. To become a medical microbiologist, Stuart would then need to pass a qualifying exam, which he failed three times. 

Stuart alleges that the reason for his failure wasn’t because he was a poor student, but because Western provided a subpar education. 

Essentially, Stuart is suing Western on a breach of contract claim, since a student should expect a certain quality of learning if they’re spending thousands of dollars at an accredited post-secondary instruction. 

The case was originally heard in 2014 with Stuart seeking $11 million in damages. Stuart’s claims were struck down twice, with the acting judges telling Stuart to make certain amendments. 

Stuart made the changes and a third judge saw his claim as valid, with the lawsuit for breach of contract (and fiduciary trust) currently in the process of moving forward.