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A Canadian Woman Has Been Arrested For Slapping A U.S. Border Officer In The Face

As if the relations with our southern neighbour couldn't get any worse.
A Canadian Woman Has Been Arrested For Slapping A U.S. Border Officer In The Face

If you've ever travelled to the States, there's definitely been a time where you've been pretty fed up with the border security as you're trying to get through. It's no secret that they can be unbelievably rude.

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Although we may imagine giving the border control a piece of our minds, we usually just keep our cool and put up with whatever they dish out to us. Seriously, who would want to get arrested at the border for fighting an officer?

Well, One Canadian woman in paticular finally had enough with a U.S. border officer, punching him square in the face to make a pretty big point.

The altercation began when the woman attempted to enter America to visit Niagara Falls State Park earlier this month. She was quickly stopped by the border patrol.

Due to an alleged past behaviour while crossing the border (looks like there's a bit of a trend here) she was denied access to the U.S. and told to turn around.

It's said that then the woman began threatening the border officer, promising to punch them in the face. 

One thing led to another and she ended up giving them a literal slap across the face. I mean, did she think this would help her gain access to the U.S.?

The woman was immediately arrested for the outburst and is now facing some pretty big charges, including assault of an officer.

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It's not certain whether or not she is officially banned from entering the States ever again, but we can probably bet that she won't be going back anytime soon.


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