A City-Wide Food Festival Is Taking Over Montreal And Here Are The Participating Restaurants

A massive city-wide food festival brought to you by Tourism Montreal and Aeroplan has just taken over Montreal!

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TL;DR Restaurants participating in MTLàTABLE are offering meal deal for the next ten days. Scroll to the bottom of the article for the list of eateries and to reserve your table!

It's called MTLàTABLE and you probably have heard of it because Tourism Montreal has been organizing this massive week-long food event for the past 7 years!

The goal: MTLàTABLE wants residents and visitors to discover and enjoy some of the most renowned Montreal restaurants at a fraction of the normal price. 

For the next 11-days, 150 restaurants will be offering table d’hôte dinner menus at fantastic fixed prices ($23, $33 or $43). Also, $17 brunch will also be available at some locations!

These are not just any restaurants, though. These are some of the most prominent spots in the entire Montreal food scene. 

To access the list of the 150 restaurants participating,click here! Below are just a few names, including some of the most well-known from that list.

  • Restaurant LOV 
  • H4C Place Saint Henri
  • Iberica
  • Bistro License IV
  • Restaurant Manitoba
  • Salmigondis
  • Impasto 
  • Boho
  • And much more!

That said, before planning your awesome evening out, you must first reserve a table!  

It's super easy via the official MTLàTABLE site, you can even select your preferred price range and narrow down your options by searching for 'vegetarian' or 'gluten free' menus, for example.  

Once you've input all the criteria, hit 'search' and MTLàTABLE will show you the list of restaurants participating that fit what you're looking for. Then all you need to do is call and reserve your table!

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Everything you need to know:

When: November 1st - 11th
Where: Participating restaurants list here.

Check out the official Facebook event page for MTLàTABLE HERE.

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