A Compilation Of Videos That Prove Quebec Drivers Are The Absolute Worst

These drivers need to retake their driver's test!
A Compilation Of Videos That Prove Quebec Drivers Are The Absolute Worst

It's no secret that Montreal drivers are... interesting. Notoriouosly aggressive, and not above speeding through a red light, drivers in Montreal have made quite a reputation for themselves. This means that normal, sane drivers in Montreal need to be super defensive and always alert to avoid the crazies.

This applies to the rest of Québec as well, as demonstrates Spotted: Dash Cam Québec. There are a host of drivers out there that are just the worst. Here's a compilation of drivers that deserve a gold medal in endangering society.

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TL;DR Read on for a compilation of Quebec drivers that deserve to have their licenses taken away.

This waste of space went out of his way to splash a pedestrian:

And this person obviously has no idea how intersections work:

This truck fully knocked a construction worker over. What's surprising is that, for once, there weren't construction signs EVERYWHERE like there normally are. Drivers could have definitely used a warning this time.

There are so many infractions in this video I'm not even sure whether to berate the driver for turning on a red light, for cutting like three cars off, or for using the wrong lane for his illegal maneuver:

Another video of someone turning left from the right lane!

And another!

Love this person who doesn't think red lights apply to him:

Special shout-out to all the drivers who are impatient towards trucks and don't give them any space. Check this dummie out:

This person took the wrong exit and decides that the only logical solution is to back up on the ramp. Nope, not dangerous at all:

Who doesn't love people who decide at the last second to take an exit?

I'm just gonna leave this one here:

It's really hard to tell which driver is the worst here. Be safe out there, guys.

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