A Construction Worker Was Impaled On A Steel Rod At Montreal Construction Site

Now that's something you don't want to see.
A Construction Worker Was Impaled On A Steel Rod At Montreal Construction Site

Whenever I see a new Montreal construction site (which is pretty much every single time I go outside), I always feel the need to distance myself for fear of something falling on my head.

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And not only that but whenever the workers are redoing any of the pipes or if they're in the sewage system and they have to open up huge ass holes in the ground, I definitely watch my step. Wouldn't want to fall in.

Well, good news, I'm safe. Not so good news, a Montreal construction worker is not. Yep, someone fell in.

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Yesterday afternoon, while working on a site at the Sacré Coeur hospital on Gouin Blvd, a 40-year-old worker had an accident. The workers were working on expanding the hospital.

Basically, he fell into a hole on his work site and was impaled on a steel rod. Luckily, the rod went through his leg and not his chest so it could have been a lot worse. But still! 

Plummeting into a 20-foot hole, the worker fell a full 6 feet. It took over an hour for the team specialized team of firefighters to get him out using a pulley system. He didn't have to suffer the entire time as advanced-care paramedics were able to get him some painkillers 

Luckily, he was really close to a hospital. How ironic. Either way, his life was not in danger and he was conscious the entire time. I kind of think that would be worse.


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