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A Couple Bought One Of The Most Haunted Buildings In Quebec As Their Retirement Home And Now They Want To Get Rid Of It

We've all been there once: you unknowingly signed a lease to a place you thought was an amazing catch, and it turned out to be a place made in hell. Despite being tied up in that lease agreement, you tried everything you could to get out of there as soon as possible. The whole experience can be traumitizing to say the least.

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You may identify your "apartment from hell" experience by a bug infestation, or maybe a horrible roommate. But what if you bought your dream home only to later realize it would constantly be broken into by paranormal seekers, and that's only because your new place has been named one of the most haunted buildings in all of Quebec? 

Well, that's exactly what's happening for one Quebec couple. You really can't help but feel bad for them. The older couple thought it was a dream come true, that they had found the perfect property to plan their future on. Their dream was only to start a French bulldog breeding business and to turn the building into a seniors' home. They seriously sound so helpless in this situation already.

That vision of happy times was almost a decade ago. Now the couple's dream has turned into a living nightmare. The problems first began right after they bought the property. The couple noticed numerous strangers trespassing onto their land to visit the abandoned building. People even offered to pay to be let in! After the situation continued to happen, one of the trespassers finally told the couple they should probably take a look into the history of the building.

It turned out this place is totally haunted, it actually might be the most haunted place in all of Quebec. The building was originally built in the 1930's by a religious order. By the 1960's, it had become a government-run asylum. You can probably already tell where this is going.

It was in the late 1980's, when a patient in the asylum set fire to the building and killed nine other inmates, that paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters started swarming the area. Since then, the place has been a hotspot for both people and spirits. 

The husband and wife that own the property started getting really fed up when strangers began breaking windows in order to get into the haunted building. After numerous calls to police, one officer suggested the couple try and make the most of their bad situation.

So now the couple have actually made a business from their haunted site, charging an entrance fee for anyone who wants to experience some paranormal activity. Their property has become so popular that people from as far as Europe have come to Quebec just to experience whatever is lurking in the abandoned building.

The municipality has finally had enough of all the tourists though, and told the couple to end the tours of the building. Since that's basically impossible, and people tend to show up illegally regardless, the husband and wife have decided to get rid of the place once and for all.

The couple wants a simplier life to raise their French bulldogs, and suggest that the next buyer of the haunted property tear down the building entirely to avoid anymore unwanted guests. 

If there's anything to learn from this situation, it's to definitely look into the history of any place you're considering moving to before you sign the lease. You never know if your next roommates could be a bunch of ghosts.


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