A Dog Was Electrocuted And Killed When Walked On The Streets Of Montreal

While being walked by its owner, a pet dog was electrocuted and killed last week due to an exposed electrical current on a street within Plateau-Mont-Royal.  

An “external general contractor” is being blamed for the incident, reports La Presse, who is being blamed for not properly installing a base-cover to a street lamp being replaced on the corner of Rachel and Fullum. 

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The incident occurred on Thursday of last week.

When street lamps are changed or worked on, contractors need to set up a base-cover that serves as a temporary protective shield. 

The base should act as a grounder, pulling the lamp’s electrical current to the ground and making the surrounding area safe. 

With the base improperly installed, the street corner became hazardous even to humans. Dogs, however, are more sensitive to electrical currents, with even low-level currents being lethal to canines. 

Four other streetlights were to be replaced on the same street corner, the City of Montreal told La Presse

Following the death of the dog, a maintenance team has been assigned to the project to make sure all of the other streetlights to do not pose a safety hazard to nearby residents and their pets.

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