A "Drunken Montreal Girl" Describes How Boys Are Like Trees

The best TED talks ever.
A "Drunken Montreal Girl" Describes How Boys Are Like Trees

Photo cred - Kids On My Facebook

Sometimes, when you get wasted, parts of your brain open up that are usually unavailable to you, and you start dropping some incredible truth bombs. At least, that's what it sounds like to you when you're wasted. The next day, if you even remember, you realize your drunken comparison of capitalism and Pokemon wasn't nearly as one point as you thought. We've all been there.

Montreal comedy group Moving Mind Studio took the concept of drunken ramblings to hilarious new heights. Recording the rant of one member's cousins' shwastey speeches, the group turned it into a mock TED-Talk, that actually looks like the real thing.

Comparing boys to trees, the drunken monologue is nonsensical, yet strangely on-point. Some real insights are made on romantic relationships, all in a high-pitched drunken tone that makes the whole thing hilarious. Check it out below.


To see more of Moving Mind Studio's work, check out their YouTube channel here.

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