Even If You Hate Fall In Montreal, Seeing This Will Make Your Day 100% Better

Quite possibly the most beautiful season in the city.
Even If You Hate Fall In Montreal, Seeing This Will Make Your Day 100% Better

Drones have become such a buzz word almost always used in tandem with something negative, like war drones or bomb drones, or (less awful) Amazon delivery drones. Flying robots don't need to be used solely for evil, as the high-flying technology can also capture moments of beauty, like Mount Royal in the height of fall's vibrant foliage.

K. Bayquoi, a retired computer engineer and one-time classical musician, found a passion for aerial drone photography during retirement, and has since created several videos showcasing Montreal's many landscapes. The latest of Bayquoi's drone videos is "A Fall Morning at Mount Royal Park," which shows off the wonderful colours of the season like no place in Montreal can.

Taking a full tour of the mountain. going through trees, trails, and structures, the video is nothing short of epic. The music definitely adds to the epic-effect, making the video seem like an intro to a Zelda game, in the best way. See if you agree in the video below.


Kudos to this reddit post for pointing this video in our direction.

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