A Giant Blood Moon Will Be Visible Across Canada Next Week

Just in time for Halloween!
A Giant Blood Moon Will Be Visible Across Canada Next Week

It's no surprise that everyone loves to witness a unique celestial event over the night sky. It's not only a great way to spend an evening, but you can also get some incredible photos out of the experience, as well.

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TL;DR Canadian skies will be gifted with a giant blood moon this October 24, just in time for Halloween. The special moon only comes around once every three years, and reaches its peak right at sunset.

Out of all the seasons, fall is by far the best to view one of these special shows in the sky. It just fits in perfectly with the spooky spirit and makes the days leading up to Halloween that much more festive.

That's why it's so exciting to announce that the spookiest of all celestial occurances will be popping up in night skies this October 24.

Yes, I'm talking about the blood moon.

If you've never seen one before, you're totally missing out. Just take a look at photos of this special moon from previous years:

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Also known as the "Hunter's Moon," this event only comes around once every three years. 

The moon that will rise next week will seem a lot larger and more orange than your typical full moon. But in reality it's only an illusion manifested by atmospheric conditions at one specific time of day. Still, it's an event definitely fitting for the approach to Halloween.

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The moon will be at its peak right at sunset, so you may want to rush home in time to witness the phenomenon in all of its glory.

Since it'll be visible across all of Canada next Wednesday, it's almost as if the massive blood moon was made just for Canadians to celebrate Halloween in the most festive way possible! 

Make sure to take a camera with you when you watch the special event, as we won't be seeing it again until 2021!

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