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A Giant Meteor Flew Over Montreal Last Night

Fireball in the sky!
A Giant Meteor Flew Over Montreal Last Night

Holy shit, did anyone else see that giant fireball in the sky last night?

Now that's a sentence I don't get to say everyday.

Well the good news is you weren't alone and we're not being attacked by aliens.

This morning (May 17th) at about 12:50 am, a massive meteor flew over the sky in Montreal. Those who saw it live claim that it looked like the moon fell out of the sky.

Did anyone else see a giant meteor light up the sky Montreal? #meteor#montreal#MTL # giantmeteor

— Jad El Houssami (@Jado0606) May 17, 2016

#meteor just flew over the house at 12:55am heading south of #Montreal.

— Montreal Food Trucks (@F00dca) May 17, 2016

Shooting stars are one thing, but seeing one that close and that massive is pretty spectacular.

The fireball could be seen from Ontario and even in New England.

A few people actually managed to catch the meteor on tape.

#meteor dashcam video of meteor 5/17/16

— Greg (@leadfoot12000) May 17, 2016

I recorded meteor. Navan Ont. 2016 May17th 00:30:27am. Camera pointing E. “75.7 degrees".

— EpicDewfall (@EpicDewfall) May 17, 2016

Meteor spotted by driver on the Everett Turnpike early Tuesday morning. Did you see it? via @ErinWMUR

— WMUR TV (@WMUR9) May 17, 2016

Did you manage to catch a glimpse?

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