A Giant Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Across Canada Next Month

Just in time for the scenic autumn season!
A Giant Meteor Shower Will Be Visible Across Canada Next Month

Throughout the year many celestial events take over the night sky. Many people wait for months just to get the chance to witness an incredible eclipse or breathtaking meteor shower. The only downside is at times these shows aren't really visible in our northern country, making us feel totally left out while other countries get the privilege of enjoying the event. 

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Earlier in the summer Montrealers were gifted with the incredible Perseid meteor shower. It was truly an unbelievable moment to be able to witness shooting stars, even in the chaos of the city. Ever since then we've all been hoping another celestial gem would fall upon us soon.

Luckily, Canadians will have their dreams come true next month when the Orionids meteor shower arrives in our beautiful skies. Can you imagine the views of the shower from the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, or with the Northern Lights as your background in Manitoba? No matter where you choose to view the shower, you will definitely not be disappointed.

The Orionids shower occurs every year in the month of October. This year its peak dates are October 20-22 in most provinces. During this peak time, up to 20 meteors can be visible per hour!

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The best time of day to view the meteor shower is either right after midnight or right before dawn. The Orionids are created from debris that comes off of Halley's Comet, a celestial event that won't be seen again until 2061. So, in essence it'll be as though you're getting a sneak peak of the major comet through viewing the Orionids! This is the event of the season you won't want to miss out on watching.

For more information on peak meteor shower times and the Orionids meteor shower, click HERE.

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