A Group Of Montrealers Are On A Quest To Complete The World's Craziest Bucket List

All of us are guilty of saying that we're going to make a bucket list and/or complete it,but rarely do any of us ever actually do it. Well, this group of 5 Montreal guys are on a serious mission to knock 30 crazy things off their bucket list in 30 days - and they're recoding every moment of it for your viewing pleasure. From the videos that they've posted so far, the aptly titled Project30 down right impressive.

Starting on the 1st of July, this group of friends began checking off bucket list items, completing one task and make one video per day. So far they've jumped off a bridge into the Lachine Canal, walked around Montreal as superheroes for a day, raised $500 for a homeless shelter and even ate deep-fried bull testicles. While I admire the ambition, I really think that deep fried bull testicles are something that you could truly live without.

For a little taste of what they're up to, check out this video of them bridge-jumping into the Lachine Canal. It just might be enough to inspire you to dust off your own bucket list and get cracking.


If you're out and about in the city this month, keep your eyes peeled for these guys running around, completing crazy task after crazy task. They've also just had Red Bull sign on as a sponsor, so we're sure their adventures are only going to get more amazing.

Check out their Youtube channel to watch the rest of the Project30 videos.

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