A Growing Movement In Alberta Wants The Province To Separate From Canada And "Punish" Quebec

"Alberta Fights Back" while the rest of Canada is wondering who is throwing punches in the first place.
A Growing Movement In Alberta Wants The Province To Separate From Canada And "Punish" Quebec

Separatism has been on the rise in Alberta in recent months. A statement by the Prime Minister of Quebec, François Legault, which denounced the construction of oil pipelines from Alberta, provoked fury among Albertans a few months ago. Talk of separatism escalated and spread through media reports.

The movement "Alberta Fights Back" has taken separatism to a new level, setting up billboards in busy areas, and taking the fight online. According to their website, Alberta would be better off without the rest of Canada.

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TL;DR Separatist sentiments are on the rise in Alberta. We're spotlighting a recent movement, "Alberta Fights Back," which claims that Eastern provinces are leeches and the Trudeau government is destroying the Albertan economy.

This movement "Alberta Fights Back" is spearheaded by Peter Downing. The movement, according to the ABF website, will lead to immense "potential tax savings for Alberta, and revenue losses for Canada." Alberta will reclaim its immigration, taxation, firearms, and provincial policing authorities granted under the constitution.

We know the answer!

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February 20, 2019

And, of course, British Columbia and Quebec will feel "the full weight of lawful punitive measures taken by Alberta, in response for their aggression against our energy industry."

Much of the anger towards Quebec comes from the fact that Canada requires an "equaliser program," which moves tax money around to different provinces so that all provinces have access to the same standard of healthcare and other federal services. This year, Quebec will receive around $13B, while Alberta won't receive anything.

Via Alberta Fights Back

This separatist movement isn't that surprising. Many aspects of the movement are familiar: the feeling of isolation, the lack of support, men angry that they are unable to support their families, anti-immigrant sentiments, and a disenchantment towards the current political system. These movements are being replicated all over the world, from the States to France.

The movement has a suprising backing. A recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute suggests that half of Alberta considers separatism a real possibility. The total amount of Canadians who think separatism will or might happen is at 33%.

You have to have some sympathy for the people who support this cause: Alberta's energy industry is in decline as our country, along with many others, is trying to mitigate their impact on our environment and stave off environmental disasters. Many Albertans feel that the government is not doing enough for their province's largest industry: energy.

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This doesn't mean that we're not gonna make fun of them though. Maybe people will finally forget about the '95 referendum and focus on this instead...

One promotional event for ABF will be a "Toxic Masculinity Tour featuring the Blue Collar Fight Night." It is unclear as to whether they will be fighting toxic masculinity, or if they're satirising the idea of toxic masculinity...

Via Alberta Fights Back

ABF's website states that "Alberta used to be a place where a man can combine his faith, family, and hard work, with toughness, integrity, and a will to win." Now, it is overrun by "special interest groups being neither competitive or ethical enough to add value to the general public."

I have no doubt that this movement will gain in popularity. However, will Alberta separate? If Quebec couldn't do it, Alberta probably won't be able to do it either...

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