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A Guide For "Broke Couples": 16 Super Cheap Date Ideas In Montreal, Quebec

Less is more.
A Guide For "Broke Couples": 16 Super Cheap Date Ideas In Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is a great place for all those love birds out there, but sometimes it can be pretty costly. So, when you are looking to planning that perfect date but you are on a budget, don't stress! The list below composes of completely free date ideas that you can plan for that special someone RIGHT NOW.

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Winter is almost over and spring time is on its way! Love will really in the air so WOW that special someone with a great date that won't cost either of you a penny.

You both may be broke, but window shopping is a great way to spend time together and take notes on future gifts or suprises your lover might want!

1. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Enjoy Montreal Street Art

I think I'll showcase more #montrealstreetart for a while. - - - - #art #mural #montrealmurals #grafitti #painting #streetart #montreal #514 #yul #quebec #qc #canada

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Around almost any corner in the Down Town, Plateau, and Mille-End area in Montreal you are sure to find street art. So, why not explore your city with the one you love and enjoy some free art and the smell of spring!

2. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To The Virtual Reality Garden

Meeting the future / Arta contemporană te poate aduce chiar și in burta unei femei însărcinate #phicenter #mtl #art #wow #future

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407 Saint-Pierre Street

For the opening of the Garden, the Phi Centre has brought together four of the most outstanding virtual reality works of our time—cutting edge experiences created by world-renowned artists who push the limits of art and technology and offer a unique point of view on today’s socio-political issues.


3. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To The MMFA On A Sunday

Happy Valentine's Day to my shorty ❤️😜

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1380 Sherbrooke Street West

Check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts this sunday since it is free admission on the last Sunday of the month. So, take you special someone this sunday to enjoy beautiful art while you enjoy their company.


4. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To The

#redelephant #bibi #illuminart #montréal #éléphantrouge

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Quartier des spectacles

Illuminart is a new circuit fusing art, lighting and technology, unfolding through downtown Montreal. Aimed at an inquisitive audience eager to discover and explore, Illuminart assembles projects by artists, creators, engineers, set designers, graphic designers and videographers from home and abroad. Our illuminated urban space springs to life, becoming a must-see destination for creativity, inspiration and shared experience thanks to works that are at once surprising, impressive and entertaining.From February 22 to March 11, 2017.

5. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Outdoor Skating


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Most outdoor rinks in Montreal happen to be free! I recommend going to your local outdoor rink ad skating through the sunset with your special someone before winter is over!

6. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To The Montreal Observatory

It's a beautiful day to explore the city 💙

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Place Ville Marie

For one night only, on March 4th, between 8:00 pm and 1:00 am, entrance to the Observatory will be 100% free! You'll have access to the 46 floor observation deck where you can discover the permanent exhibition, The Odyssey. The 45th floor will feature the #MTLGO interactive and participatory exhibition, or you can also head to the terrasse on the 44th floor.


7. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To One Of Montreal's Parks For A TREKFIT Experience

Gym parfait pour un 32 degrés... A 4 km de jogging sur le bord de l'eau ! #viveverdun #fitlife #outdoorgym #fitmom #trekfitpark

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If you happen to fall in love with an athletic person, then this is the perfect date idea for you in Montreal this summer at no cost. TREKFIT gyms are located all across Montreal and they are perfect locations to hold a cute little workout date. Spring is right around the corner!

8. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Visit Mary Queen of the World

"And I tell you are Peter and on this rock I will build my church" This is probably the most awesome ceiling I've ever seen so far!! ---------------------------------------------------- Shot w/ a Canon 6D 📷 ---------------------------------------------------- #teamcanon #artofvisuals #agameoftones #jaw_dropping_shots #exklusive_shot #photographer #photography #photooftheday #justgoshoot #visualambassadors #archilovers #meistershots #createexploretakeover #createyourhype #visualoflife #citykillerz #visualsgang #yngkillers #folkcreative #visualsoflife #visualscollective #fatalframes #illgrammers #way2ill #createcommune #HeaterCentral #killeverygram #moodyapertures #levitation_mind #explorecanada

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Corner of René-Lévesque Blvd. and Mansfield Street

Inspired by the Italian renaissance revival, Mary Queen of the World Cathedral was modeled after Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. Although the interior of the cathedral does not quite match the grandeur of Saint Peter's Basilica, the nave's architectural layout, the white and gold wooden coffered vault, and the baldachin with spiral columns are quite interesting. The curvature of the intersecting vaults almost steals the show from the many paintings and gildings. It is free every Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

9. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Walk Through Old Montreal

Old Montreal as it glows beautifully bright at night! 😍😍😍 Picture by @steveglwalsh. #mtlblog #mtlblognews #montreal #montréal #mtl #quebec #québec #qc #canada #mtlmoments #downtownmontreal #oldmontreal #oldportmtl

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Montreal is a very romantic setting that is itself priceless. Your date has probably been to Old Montreal multiple times but why not explore the city in a different way. I suggest taking your date to Old Montreal and showing them all the great architecture! They will truly be amazing by the beauty behind our city.

10. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To Montreal's World Trade Center

La ville de Montreal #montreal #laville #mtl #canada #quebec #frio #froid #nieve #snow #winter #hiver #invierno #sky #cielo #colores #city #montrealcity #montrealphoto #iglesia #montrealpic #canon #eglise #ciudad #canoncanada #urbanphoto #fotourbana #pedrokamba #kambaphoto @funboxrd #comingsoon #kmidia

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747 Rue du Square-Victoria

Montreal’s World Trade Centre (near Square-Victoria metro) is perfect for enjoying a gorgeous view while talking to your date with a nice cup of coffee. The atmosphere is incredible and it's also a nice place to exchange anniversary gifts!

11. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Watch A Sunset At Mount Royal

// I'd show you the entire view from the top but I like this one better. ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #Adventure #Explore #Travel #Canada150 #ClimbEverything

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For romance, kissing, and looking over the whole city, I suggest driving up to Mount Royal. You can enjoy Mount Royal during the day and enjoy the cityscape or you can go at night with your date and have a romantic stargazing date. This is always free and it's always a safe date idea.

12. If You Are A Broke Couple Go To The Melvin Charney’s Sculpture Garden


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1920, rue Baile, Montréal, QC H3H 2S6

Time to get your sculpting on with a hot chocolate at the Melvin Charney’s sculpture garden, which is an extension of the CCA. This garden contains multiple sculptures that you can enjoy observing over a warm cup of hot chocolate and a beautiful sunset with the one you love.


13. If You Are A Broke Couple Go For A Walk/Bike Along The Lachine Canal

Perks about having a dog is you can take sick pictures that no one will look at because they don't include the dog... #mtl #pumpkinhunting #backyard #deepthoughts

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I honestly love biking with my boyfriend and honestly I think it's a great date where you don't have to spend any money. For those couples who love to bike, I suggest biking down the Lachine Canal towards Atwater Market for a fun Montreal date.

14. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Window Shopping

Thanks for having me @global_montreal ! Link to support my @24htremblant team in my bio ! Tous vos dons sont appréciées par nos enfants ❤️🏂⛷

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15. If You Are A Broke Couple Go On A Photography Date

Montreal's "yellow house" in Le Plateau. ❄ Picture by @victorcambet . #mtlblog #mtlblognews #montreal #montréal #mtl #quebec #québec #qc #canada #mtlmoments #downtownmontreal #oldmontreal #oldportmtl #winter #winter2017 #canada150 #vancouver #britishcolumbia #toronto #ottawa #ontario #calgary #edmonton #halifax #novascotia

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If you and your BF or GF are photography professionals or even amateur, suggest going on a free, fun, and fabulous photography date! You can be each others models and truly enjoy MTL.

16. If You Are A Broke Couple Go Walk Through Quartier des Spectacles

@mtlenlumiere starts on February 23! Book a table with us to start your night off with some delicious food 😋 #ReserveNow #TaverneF

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Honestly, there is always something super cool going on at Place Des Arts and the Quartier des Spectacles whether it be live music, a dance performance, or outdoor painting. I suggest heading down there with your date and just sitting back. It's a great place to soak up Montreal and to enjoy it's people. ALSO, Nuit Blanche is next weekend and it's FREE FREE FREE!

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