A Hangover Recovery Bus Now Exists And Needs To Come To Montreal Badly

Better than Gatorade in the morning.

Photo cred - @hangoverclubnyc

We've all been there. Horribly exhausted, head swimming in what feels like glue, your very pulse a cruel reminder to your brain that, while you may still be alive, you would really rather not be. A heavy night of fun and games, where you were the King of the World for a few brief hours, comes brutally crashing down the morning after, leaving you feeling like you got hit by an armored truck. Getting sauced is a good time, but hangovers are the price we unfortunately have to pay.

As a city that knows how to party, and party hard, Montrealers are quite familiar with the after-effects of alcohol. A hearty poutine with extra bacon does go a long way, but the hangover monster has a way of rearing its ugly head to ruin our lives and make us swear us off alcohol forever, or at least for the rest of the day.

Most of the time, our worst hangovers can be nursed from the comfort of our beds or couches, where writing off the day may be a drag, but nothing a hearty breakfast and some Netflix can't eventually solve. But then there's those times where you actually have important shit to do and your pounding head and blurred vision seriously need to fuck off and asap.

Photo cred - The Hangover Club

Trust New Yorkers in the city that never sleeps to come up with a quick and convenient remedy for this age-old curse, and roll out a Hangover Club Mobile Hangover Lounge, otherwise known as the Hangover Bus.

For a couple hundred bucks, step onto the Hangover Bus and cure what ails you just by taping an IV drip pumped full of hydrating vitamins and electrolytes directly into your sorry self. Don't worry, this is performed by registered nurses and supervised by a real doctor, Dr. Joshua Beer (actual name).

Saline drips to conquer the effects of hangovers is by no means a novel idea, with many clinics, spas and even house-call services providing similar intravenous pick-me-ups, but a Hangover Bus makes it just so darn accessible.

The Hangover Club does provide private services and house-calls as well, but right now are the only ones with their own bus. Unfortunately, you can only find the Hangover Bus patrolling the streets of NY, but you know this is something Montreal would embrace in a heartbeat. Am I wrong?

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