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A Herd Of Deer Was Spotted In Anjou Yesterday And Nobody Knows How They Got There (Photos)

With Quebec being the largest province in Canada, it's a given that there's going to be a lot of rural or forested space where animals are going to hangout. If you've ever gone camping or even driven up North in our province you've most likely seen an array of animals. Although super cool and probably photo-worthy, it's not really anything out of the ordinary.

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That all changes when you begin to see this critters (big and small) trickle into our urban space. Why are they here? Are the animals finally taking over?! A lot of questions are raised when these wild creatures travel through our city sprawl. 

Just last week a moose was spotted travelling through downtown Ottawa.Although it was definitely not a happy ending as the moose had to be put down, it serves as reminder that these animals defintiely do not belong anywhere close to major cities.

Via Spotted: STM

That's why it brings a bit of shock to Montrealers to see an ENTIRE herd of deer just strolling through Anjou on Sunday morning. Yes, you read that right. A herd of deer decided a Sunday stroll sounded like a good idea. 

According to locals, this actually isn't that uncommon. Deer occasionally come by, but are pretty respectful unlike raccoons and other critters that go through garbage or damage outdoor property.

Luckily, it seems as though the deer traveled through Anjou unscathed, so this is a more happy ending than other close encounters with wildlife in the city. Hopefully in the future these deer will find a more appropriate route for their adventures.


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