A Huge Fall Festival Just Opened Outside Of Montreal And You Need To Go Right Now

The event of the season nestled in the beautiful Laurentians.
A Huge Fall Festival Just Opened Outside Of Montreal And You Need To Go Right Now

If you haven't already noticed, fall is definitely in full swing. There's no avoiding the festive spirit now that everyone is gearing up to celebrate!

Some of our favourite seasonal goodies are officially popping back up, from fall foliage destinations across Quebec to the beloved fall festivals that define this time of year in la belle province.

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Who doesn't crave the fantastic fall fests that take a regular event, add some seasonal specialties, and make it the best thing ever? The only decision that should be difficult is choosing which festivals you're going to visit.

Luckily, we've made that choice easy for you!

F.U.N Fest, the ultimate autumn amusement park and festival in Quebec's Sommet Saint-Sauveur location just opened for the season and you're going to want to visit it ASAP.

Via Sommet Saint-Sauver

This isn't your typical fall festival with street eats and carnival staples. The hour-drive outside of Montreal takes you to breathtaking mountains covered in the most amazing fall foliage that you're actually able to view on a chairlift tour.

Be prepared to take the best instagram photos your followers have ever seen.

If you thought that was all, wait until you hear this. The festival includes one-of-a-kind rides overlooking the incredible Laurentians. Take a two-seater "zip-line" lift known as The Dragon across the valley with your significant other for the perfect romantic fall experience.

From rides to secret halloween labyrinthes and beer tasting for adult audiences, there's something to do for every audience at F.U.N Fest.

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The festival is open every weekend until October 28, so you might want to start planning for your dream autumn mini-vacation before it's too late.

TL;DR This unique fall festival called F.U.N Fest will be open at Sommet Saint-Sauveur until October 28. Festivities include scenic chairlift rides, amusement park rides, beer tasting, and more all under the the scenery of the beautiful Laurentians.

For more information on Sommet Saint-Sauver's F.U.N Fest, click HERE.

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