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A Huge Meteor Shower Will Take Over The Sky Above Montreal This Month

Shooting stars!
A Huge Meteor Shower Will Take Over The Sky Above Montreal This Month

If the morning cool air didn't signal to you that it's fall, then I'm sure the fact that it's October did. As we make a transition into fall weather, that also means there's a transition in our skies. 

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TL;DR Visible this month will be a rare meteor shower, called the Orionid. Mark your calendars for October 20th when it will be most visible!

Mark your calendars, because there is a lot to see in our beautiful night sky from Montreal for the month of October! 

Specifically, you'll be able to spot a meteor shower on the night of October 20th (into the early morning of the next day), called the Orionid. It will be incredible, with as many as 20 SHOOTING STARS EVERY HOUR! 

It's rare to spot one shooting star, let alone 20 in the span of an hour! 

This meteor shower actually comes from the most famous comet – Halley. Halley's comet is unique because it is a "periodic" comet, passing by Earth approximately every 75 years (the next one being in 2061).

The shotting stars will appear to come from the constellation Orion, a visible and easy to spot three bright star pattern that forms the "belt." 

Not only that but you'll also be able to spot Uranus (haha). All kidding aside, this planet will be the most visible on October 24th. You'll probably need your binoculars for this one, though, to see it in all of its glory. 

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