A Huge "New York Style" Food Hall Is Coming To Montreal

Montreal has a pretty phenomenal reputation when it comes food culture. Luckily, no matter what your diet consists of or what you prefer to eat, the city will always have multiple options perfect for anyone and incredible enough to always be a topic of interest.

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TL;DR An enormous development preparing to open in 2019 will be home to 40 "New York Syle" food stalls serving up authentic local cuisine. The building will also have other incredible attractions with two separate towers. 3 million visitors are expected annually at this revolutionary attraction.

You'd seriously think there would be no way to make Montreal's food any better. From five-star restaurants to the best food trucks you'll ever find, the city already has a super strong food scene. It couldn't possibly get any better!

Well, we might actually be wrong, but only for the perfect reason!

Via Société de développement Angus

A massive one-of-a-kind food court is currently under construction on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Saint-Catherine and it's incredible enough to be compared to the foodie scene in NYC.

The Carré Saint-Laurent will be home to 40 independant food stalls that will represent the amazing local cuisine Montrealers know and love. This is only the ground floor of the entire building. There's so much more!

Via Société de développement Angus

Via Société de développement Angus

Seriously, this place is going to be huge! The 260,000 square feet development will also have the Centre d'Histoire de Montréal on the second floor and 900 Quebec government employees on eight separate floors in the south tower.

The north tower is going to be a 150-room hotel, which means you have the ultimate opportunity to spend the night in a luxurious suite after stuffing your face at the food court all day. 

Via Société de développement Angus

It's expected that the development, planned to open in 2019, will attract 3 million visitors per year. Needless to say, we can't wait until Carré Saint-Laurent officially opens!

For more information you can check out the official development website HERE.

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