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A Huge Part Of Canada Is On Fire

The flames wont stop moving.
A Huge Part Of Canada Is On Fire

I hope that everyone is well aware of the severity of the forest fires in B.C.  Not only are there close to 600 fires burning across the province, but the consequences are also devastating. More than 20,000 residents are on evacuation alert or under an evacuation order.

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The byproduct of fires is, of course, smoke. And close to 600 fires burning will produce a massive amount of smoke. So, not only is the western province of the country on fire, the smoke is slowly creeping eastward and blanketing the neighboring province of Alberta.

Check this out! How #Calgary normally looks vs how it looked Wednesday. Photo via Michael Schlosser.

August 16, 2018

Back to the fires - you can check out this interactive map from the Government of B.C. The fires come in all different sizes, but it seems like some are much more severe than others.

According to a source, three major fires are ranging in central B.C. covering more than 1,000 square kilometers. The situation is dire. An expert has weighed in saying that the trees are so dry, there isn't much firefighters can do to extinguish the flames. The fires will most definitely keep on moving.

This is definitely a confusing and anxiety-provoking time for those in the western part of the country; their summer has come to a screeching halt. That said, here is a useful FAQ for those who are affected by the fire and smoke that should help point those affected in the right direction.


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