A Landslide Caused By Last Night's Storm In Quebec Caused Drivers To Become Trapped Underwater

The water crater is now the size of an entire river.
A Landslide Caused By Last Night's Storm In Quebec Caused Drivers To Become Trapped Underwater

If you live in Montreal you definitely experienced last night's raging thunderstorms. Thunder was both heard and felt even from inside houses, and even stepping outside would have you soaking wet in less than a few seconds. 

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Since the unbelievable Toronto flooding earlier this week, people here in Montreal have been a little on edge with whether or not our city would be the next target. It unfortunately looks like it was.

Early this morning a massive landslide in Lac Brome caused two drivers to lose control of their vehicles and land in the water. Their cars quickly began to sink with the drivers still trapped inside.

There was absolutely no way for the drivers, one a younger adult man and one a senior citizen, to escape their cars since they were entirely underwater. Luckily, police arrived just in time and were able to rescue the people, immediately transporting both of them to hospital.

While the younger man only sustained minor injuries, the man in his 70's was in pretty serious condition by the time he was pulled from his sinking car. So far there isn't any word on how either of them are doing. We can only imagine that apart from being physically injured they're probably incredibly traumatized from the entire freak accident. 

The landslide that took over the road, which is now a crater the size of a river, is still very much active and incredibly dangerous. The road is currently completely closed off from traffic until the flooding ends.

As for the men's vehicles that were sucked into the water, they have yet to be moved and currently sit at the bottom of the violent crater. 


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